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Tips for Buying Mufflers for Sale in the Philippines

What are some factors to look into when purchasing a muffler?

  1. Types of Mufflers
  2. Price and Condition
  3. Distance and Convenience
  4. Parts Manufacturer and Seller


A muffler is incredibly important as it decreases the noises made by the exhaust gases that expand within an internal combustion engine. However, buying a muffler for sale in the Philippines can be a very tricky endeavor if you don’t know what you’re doing. There is a wide range of selection for mufflers for sale all around the Philippines, at physical shops and online!

Before embarking on purchasing a muffler for sale in the Philippines, you need to cover some of the basic factors that would guide you in your search. Here are things you need to do before buying a muffler:


Get Acquainted with The Different Types of Mufflers

Multipl-Baffle Mufflers are silencers that contain more than one bafflers in a tube. These mufflers cease the flow of exhaust while still remaining relatively quiet.

Turbo Mufflers are manufactured with S-shaped paths and have no baffles that block the flow of exhaust.

Straight-Through Mufflers have little restriction when it comes to exhaust. In most cases, these have dual chambers that allow accessible flow from one chamber to the next.


Mufflers are generally made with two types of steel: Aluminum and Stainless.

Stainless Mufflers are the more durable and long-lasting steel, while Aluminized Mufflers have a higher tendency to corrode.

Glass Pack Mufflers or cherry bomb mufflers are known for reducing back pressure. The pipe is surrounded with glass insulated layers that absorb pressure from the expanding exhaust gases.

Active Noise-Cancelling Mufflers have installed speakers and microphones within the system. The sounds picked up are monitored by a computer, it sends signals to the speaker which significantly reduce or eliminate the noise caused from the exhaust system.


Assess The Price and Condition

Once you are clear with the type of muffler you need, it’s time to do your search! The first thing to look for when purchasing a muffler after the type is its condition. Whether labelled as ‘new’ or ‘used’, make it a point to do full inspections of the muffler’s state. Do extensive research when it comes to the price ranges on the different types of mufflers, and make sure that the price in relation to the condition is fairly set.


Consider Distance and Convenience

It goes without saying that if you are purchasing the muffler at a trusted and legitimate establishment, find the branch nearest to you and see if they have it available there. However, there are more factors that come into play when purchasing online. Gather all the data you need such as shipping fees or location of meetups to gauge whether the price point (and/or hassle) is still within budget.


Evaluate the Parts Manufacturer and Seller

Gather the most vital information of your car’s model before shopping for a muffler because the muffler that you purchase has to be fit for the model specifications of your car. Check listings of manufacturers in order to identify the best options for the specific model you will use it for. And finally, do extensive background research once you have selected a potential proprietor before making the purchase.


Key Takeaway

There are many factors that come into play when buying a muffler for sale in the Philippines. Generally speaking, it is best to keep these guiding points in mind the next time you find yourself in need of a new muffler.

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