Top Metal Stamping Products

Sheet Metal Stamping Products

Sheet Metal Stamping Products

For over 30 years, Roberts AIPMC has been providing its clients with top-notch quality metal stamping products in the country. Our facilities consist of mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic press machines ranging from 35 tons to 800 tons to manufacture a wide variety of metal stamped parts.

We have gone beyond the automotive industry as we also provide metal-stamped parts to the appliance and furniture industries.

Sheet Metal Stamping Products
What are Metal-Stamped Products?

What are Metal-Stamped Products?

What are Metal-Stamped Products?

Metal stamping products are formed just as their name suggests. Manufacturers use metal as raw materials to form several parts. One of these raw materials is sheet metals which then create sheet metal stamping products. These are used across a variety of industries like automotive, motorcycles, home appliances, and furniture.

These metal-stamped products can be sourced from the best manufacturers like us. Here at Roberts AIPMC, we are able to provide you with consistently high-quality materials in volume.

Sheet Metal Stamping Products by Roberts

Sheet Metal Stamping Products by Roberts

Our facility is able to accommodate the high production demand for metal parts. This includes sheet metal stamping products. We are able to produce about 200,000 units monthly for a variety of industries.


There are various parts for automobiles created using the metal stamping process. It allows manufacturers to provide clients with cost-effective solutions since many products can be customized to the client’s requirements.

Some of these parts include small components, under chassis parts, and medium to large inner and outer body shells.


Sheet metal stamping products are also used for motorcycles. When it comes to this vehicle, a lot of precision is required to meet industry-standard requirements. It also needs to meet OEM standards.

Some parts made through the metal stamping process are the motorcycle’s main body frame, fuel tank, front and rear fender, and other small accessories.

Residential Use

Metal stamping is also used outside the automobile industry. It can be used to manufacture products used at home and at the office. These are usually parts that require high precision, accuracy, and speed.

These include items like metal housing and enclosures, TV stands, mounting brackets, and metal furniture.

What are the Benefits of Robert AIPMC’s Metal Stamping Process?

What are the Benefits of Robert AIPMC’s Metal Stamping Process?

The sheet metal stamping process involves molds and dies to make sheet metal and other metal forms into various shapes. As a result, it brings benefits to various industries, such as automotive, that they can take advantage of in the long run.

Remarkable Accuracy

The high-precision required needed in sheet metal stamping allows us here at Roberts AIPMC to manufacture simple to complex parts. With the help of the latest technology, there are hardly any errors made in this process.


The production process for metal stamping is fast, making it cost-efficient for various industries as we don’t need to allot more time to finish our production process.

At Roberts AIPMC, our production speed reduces the overall cycle time of manufacturing parts, which makes us efficient in using our machinery and manpower. That’s why we sustained our title as a “cost-competitive manufacturer” of OEM Parts.

Unique Versatility

Versatility is unarguably what makes Roberts AIPMC popular in manufacturing stamped parts across the country. We can accommodate small brackets up to large panels with different metal thicknesses by using our wide variety of press machines which makes us highly dependable in every related project.

Top-notch Quality

Our metal stamping process guarantees top-notch quality products that are proven to be reliable not only in the automotive but also in the motorcycle, appliance, and furniture industries. Top-of-the-line testing equipment is used and utilized in order to achieve high expectation standards from major OEM clients.

Why Does Roberts Produce the Best Sheet Metal Stamping Products?

Why Does Roberts Produce the Best Sheet Metal Stamping Products?

Since 1993, Roberts AIPMC has been able to satisfy and surpass our client's needs and expectations. Through our metal stamping process, we are able to provide world-class OEM standard products and services.

With the help of our team, we are also able to continuously maintain technical superiority in creating globally competitive sheet metal stamping products. Our research and development team always makes sure the machines we use are the best in the industry.

Furthermore, we are pioneers in using integrated production of automotive and industrial parts. Through this method, we were able to strengthen our reputation in the industry as we made steady progress with our products and services. Today, we only create products that comply with the strictest OEM quality standards.

We have a large clientele that includes some of the most notable names in the Philippines' automotive industry:

  • Toyota Motor Philippines
  • Mitsubishi Motor Philippines
  • Hino Motors Philippines
  • Isuzu Philippines
  • Honda Philippines
  • Kawasaki Motors Philippines

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