Pipe Bending

In line with its thrust of becoming a one stop shop source for automotive exhaust system parts and components, 1997 marked another milestone for Roberts Automotive & Industrial Parts Mfg. Corporation (AIPMC) with the establishment of its own pipe bending facilities equipped with semi automatic welding and CNC pipe bending machines capable of processing pipes within the range of 19 mm – 60 mm diameter from Chiyoda Kogyo Co, Ltd., a leading Japanese company that produces high quality pipe bending machines.

This initial foray into the pipe bending business which was focused in serving the exhaust system needs of the automotive industry alone has grown since then and has started expanding into additional markets with needs for bended metallic frames.

These newer markets served includes supplying metal bed frames for the furniture sector, seat assemblies for the transportation sector and metal chair frames for the education sector.

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Pipe Bending by Roberts AIPMC

In 2009, Roberts AIPMC added to its capabilities to bend bigger diameter pipes (up to 100 mm in diameter) and square tubes (within the range of 25 mm to 50 mm) by purchasing a brand new CNC bending machine from Taiwan.

This new pipe bending machine, together with its swaging machine that is capable of reducing or increasing the diameter of pipes (within the 16 mm to 100 mm range and maximum length of 80 mm) by 20%, Roberts AIPMC is now capable of serving its customers’ application requiring bigger diameter pipes and those needing non-commercially available pipe diameters which provides it with additional flexibility and capability.


Metal Press Machines

  • Machine
  • Chiyoda CNC Pipe Bending Machine

    19mm – 60mm Pipe Diameter

Capability to bend ranges : Ø 3/4 inch to Ø 4 inches

Wall thickness : Min 1.0 mm to Max.3.0 mm

Machine capacity : 52,000 pieces / month ( Max.180 0 angle )

Capabilities to bend diameter pipes ( 19 mm to 100 mm )