Superior Cooling Action


1993 marked the entry of Roberts AIPMC into the automotive metal industry with the launch of its own Radiators.

Roberts AIPMC’s ability to adapt based on client requirements has proved to be the core competency in supplying and satisfying customer needs.

Crafted by decades of expertise, Roberts AIPMC has since been providing to Automotive OEM assemblers, domestic and foreign aftermarket replacements, and Industrial Gen-Sets, thus, becoming the leading radiator manufacturer in the Philippines.

Special Radiator Fabrication

Industrial Radiators

Automotive Radiators

Special Radiator Fabrication

Best value for various services

Customized Radiator Assembly

Roberts AIPMC can provide radiator which are not commercially available. This extends to precise customer requisites and special capacity upgrades.

Radiator Assembly Re-coring

Core replacement on unit assembly is offered for restoring the radiator and extending its normal life expectancy, provided that all other components are in reusable condition.

Radiator Core Fabrication

In support for companies with capability to assemble a whole radiator unit, Roberts AIPMC provides supply of core according to needed specifications.

Industrial Radiator

Capacity built for the growing industry

Industrial Radiator

Supporting the growing economies, Industrial companies needs to maintain energy distribution thru external source or internal power generations like Generator Sets. These equipment also requires cooling system. Roberts AIPMC provided those companies in need of Gen-Set Radiator replacements and upgrades.

We support you at our best:

  • Capable to fabricate generator set radiator of up to 1.8 megawatt.

  • Manufactures Corrugated and Flat Fin Radiator Assembly for different cooling system working pressure and vibration.

  • Provides technical assistance regarding Gen-Set radiator capacity.

  • Cooling capacity conversion – upgrades and downgrades.

  • Full service provision – hauling, re-coring, installation.

Automotive Radiator

Designed for durability and excellent cooling performance

Automotive Radiator

Widely recognized and used by OEM such as Mitsubishi Motor Philippines, Toyota Motor Philippines, Isuzu Motor Philippines, Roberts AIPMC’s automotive radiators are guaranteed 100% leak-free, going through several quality inspections and tests.

Roberts AIPMC’s automotive radiators are designed for durability and excellent cooling performance serving wide range of vehicle types, from cars up to the heaviest trucks.

Local Replacement

Evercool Radiator

The leading local brand that has been proven and trusted by local consumers for private vehicles and public transport.

Through consistent production of OEM quality radiators, Evercool is beyond doubt the best value for radiator replacement market. From traffic congestions, long drives, and heavy loads, Evercool Radiator can maintain standard temperature for efficient engine performance.

Top-Quality Radiator

Evercool Alpha, for one, is the cost-effective radiator that is suited for passenger cars and light commercial vehicle types. It is designed for light duty and low speed vehicles commonly used for city driving even in heavy traffic conditions. At a very affordable price, this is the solution that companies or entrepreneurs look for when it comes to basic vehicle use.

Superior Performance Radiator

Evercool Supra, on the other hand, is the “original” high performance radiator by Evercool made for general automotive use. It is designed for vehicles with regular duty and for high-speed, long drive conditions, yet can also perform equally well in slow speed city driving. This radiator can be used by pick-up, vans, trucks and SUVs.