Car mechanics look for mufflers at muffler sellers in the Philippines when they have customers who want to get their car mufflers repaired, or if they want it replaced with something better.

Mufflers are the part of the car that is connected to the exhaust system. The purpose of the muffler is to silence or reduce the loud sounds that the engine produces as it combusts fuel in the car’s cylinder. When the noise travels to the exhaust pipes, the cylinder continues to combust fuel and the noise and pressure builds up. Loud noises are released when the valves open release the pressurized gas. This annoying sound is what mufflers attempt to minimize.

What are mufflers?

Mufflers are installed in cars for three purposes. The first is to reduce the noise, the second is to cut down the exhaust gases produced by the car’s engine, and the third is to keep the power while doing the other two. Performance mufflers also help take care of your car since they reduce the wear of your car’s parts by reducing the heat generated and improves the flow of exhaust gases. However, these performance make more aggressive and even louder sounds come out of the car’s tailpipe.

Kinds of mufflers

There are also different kinds of mufflers. The first is the muffler used on street and muscle cars: the chambered muffler. Inside a chambered muffler are several chambers. Exhaust gases and sound travel through these chambers where the sound bounce off the walls over and over again which cancels them out.

The second is the one used in performance rides called the glass pack muffler, which is also called the “straight through” muffler. It’s a straight pipe, and inside it is a perforated pipe wrapped with a material that absorbs sound such as fiberglass packing. Cars that are used for racing have this muffler because they provide better flow for the exhaust gases, but this muffler does not reduce noise as much as the chambered muffler which is why it is more popular with those who build custom cars.

The last type of muffler is the turbo mufflers which contains S shaped tubes that make exhaust gases travel much longer. The longer travel time, including the materials that muffle sound inside the tubes, reduces more of the noise. Because of the shape of the tubes and the materials used to create it, the sound is smothered further and thus, this muffler creates less sound than the first two mufflers.

Different muffler types

Vector mufflers are for larger trucks.

Spiral baffle mufflers are for regular cars, and as the name suggests, makes use of a baffle system in the shape of a spiral.

Aero turbine mufflers uses vacuums at intervals which gets the sound cancelled.

Classification of mufflers

Baffle type mufflers have many baffles welded inside them. When the sound reaches the muffler, the baffles serve as obstructions that reduce the sound. What the baffles do is close all the direct exit passages for all the exhaust gases.

Wave cancellation type mufflers is a type of muffler which divides exhaust gases into two parts. Half of the exhaust gases will exit the exhaust, while the other half travels through another pipe that will hit the gases about to exit. What this does is that the crests of the wave of half of the gases will hit the troughs of the other half which reduces the noise.

Resonance type mufflers, also called Helmholtz type mufflers, have resonators in its many access ports, which are all connected together using a pipe. This is where the exhaust gases flow through. Because of the design, nothing is smothering down the gas, so the elimination of the sound doesn’t affect the engine’s power.

Absorber type mufflers are made of materials that absorb the sound generated by the combustion of fuel that gases carry out of the exhaust of cars. The pipes of the muffler are lined with sound absorbers that reduces the noise.

Combined resonance and Absorber type mufflers combine two mufflers that have two disadvantages. Resonance mufflers reduce the power of the engine, while absorbers don’t completely reduce noise, so they are put together to negate their disadvantages.

It might be difficult to pick what kind of muffler you think is best for your car, but what matters is that your car doesn’t produce explosive sounds whenever you start it up.