• 16/08/2018in Muffler

    Understanding Exhaust Maintenance and Purchasing a Muffler for Sale in the Philippines

    What are the main components that hold an exhaust system together? Hangers Exhaust Joints Shields and Damper Weights   In this day and age, exhaust systems are composed of a lot of expensive parts. There is an oxygen sensor, one or multiple catalysts, and perhaps even a 2-stage muffler for sale here in the Philippines....
  • 13/08/2018in Muffler

    Cars and Culture: How Automotive Vehicles Shaped Society

    In what cultural areas of life have cars made significant impact throughout history? Revolutionizing production Motorsports Modern establishments Pop culture   Without a doubt, the invention of the automotive vehicle is one of the historic events that forever altered the course of time and civilization. It’s insanely difficult to imagine a wor...