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High Quality, World Class
Automotive Parts Provider

High Quality, World Class Local Automotive Parts Provider


One of the pioneers in the industry that feature INTEGRATED PRODUCTION of automotive and industrial parts.


Committed to deliver the best and the finest, supported by positive feedback and awards from our clientele.


Built a good name through decades of steady progress, strengthened by our compliance to the strictest OEM quality standards.

About Roberts AIPMC

Established in 1992, Roberts AIPMC has become one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry because of its dedication to carry out its goal of making it to the top not only in product development but also in product development, gaining recognition from customers, OEM, and individuals alike.

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Our Products

Quality is our currency. From our people to our manufacturing processes and outputs, commitment to quality is our number one priority

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

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Steel Tube

Steel Tube

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Tiger Leaf Spring

Leaf Spring

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  When it comes to car maintenance, it is important to keep your car’s wiring and electronics in great shape. They are the essential elements that keep your car running properly. Making sure electricity is running in your car is crucial for numerous functions such as starting your car, turning the lights on, and making…

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Safe Driving: Things You Should Not Do When Driving A Manual

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Effective Techniques to Restore Faded Car Paint

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