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Suspension Upgrades for Your Car

What are good suspension upgrades for your car?

  1. Performance Coilovers
  2. Strut Tower Brace
  3. Suspension Bushes
  4. Anti-Roll Bars
  5. Wheels and Tires


Competing in a race takes skill. Competing in a race also means knowing the limitations of your vehicle.

Push the capabilities of your car by upgrading its suspension for better handling and better cornering. Once you upgrade your suspension, ensure that the new parts fit well with the other components of your car such as the UBolt. The Philippines has a number of specialty car shops where you can inquire more about these improvements.

Here is a list of good upgrades for your car’s suspension.


Performance Coilovers

Performance Coilovers

Cars are typically designed by car manufacturers in the Philippines with two factors in mind: cost efficiency and comfort. However, if you are interested in turning your car into a performance vehicle, it may have difficulty handling different surfaces and tracks. This is where performance coilovers come in. This suspension upgrade combines the shock and spring to provide you with a lower center of gravity, which makes a huge improvement in terms of handling.


Strut Tower Brace

A strut tower brace is a metal bar suspended over the engine that connects the two front struts. It increases the rigidity of the car’s chassis, which makes it more responsive when the vehicle is turning a hard corner. It is also referred to as the strut bar or shock tower braces.


Suspension Bushes

Suspension Bushes

To withstand a vehicle’s constant intensity when racing, it is advisable to upgrade your suspension bushes to more durable materials. Suspension bushes separate metal objects to allow for a certain amount of movement with limited noise. The usual suspension bushes made by car manufacturers in the Philippines may be compromised by the constant temperature changes it is exposed to during racing. Choosing higher quality bushes can better help isolate vibrations that transmit through the chassis. This will give you more stable handling and a better ride.


Anti-Roll Bars

Have you noticed that you have difficulty handling your car when speedily turning a corner? Upgrading your anti-roll bars can help your car remain level when cornering. However, some drivers have started to prefer more excessive roll stiffness when turning corners in order to lift one wheel off the ground and reduce understeer. If you want to try anti-roll bars out, you can get adjustable bars to be able to change its settings depending on the terrain you will be experiencing.


Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires can get worn out over time, which greatly reduces your ride quality. Wheels come in different kinds of materials and sizes. The important thing to note about them is that they should be able to fill out the wheel wells. Take note of your rim width and rim diameter as it is what determines your wheel size.

Tires need to be able to work in any kind of extreme condition as it serves a crucial purpose. Your tire not only absorbs road shocks, but it also carries the weight of your vehicle. Constant use can wear the tire out, which will reduce your traction. Change your wheels and tires regularly to make your vehicle feel as good as new.


Key Takeaway

Improve your vehicle’s overall handling and precision by upgrading its suspension with these parts in mind. In the Philippines, UBolts, coilovers, and anti-roll bars are easily found in any specialty car shop. Do your research well in order to increase your chances of winning with a newly improved vehicle.

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