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Best Designed Mufflers for Sale in the Philippines

What makes a muffler design the best?

  1. A muffler’s purpose
  2. The right fit
  3. Chambered or high-flow
  4. Type of steel


A car’s exhaust system seems simple, yet how its designed will affect the performance of your car and the sound it makes. You’ll find that there are loads of aftermarket mufflers for sale in the Philippines. Many car manufacturers in the Philippines, tend to have designs that differ from those made from the factory. Here’s why mufflers need to be designed in such ways:


A Muffler’s Purpose

A Muffler’s Purpose

A muffler’s job is not just to direct exhaust gasses out of the engine. It’s also designed to reduce the noise that your engine produces. When an engine combusts fuel, it produces exhaust gasses. These gasses need to be expelled through a series of tubes called the exhaust manifold or headers. When these gasses are expelled, it exits through the pipes in the form of high-pressure pulses. These pulses create thunderous sound waves, so without any form of sound dampening, the noise these pulses will be intolerable for anyone. It’s the duty of the muffler to deaden the sound to acceptable levels.

The sound created by exhausts varies depending on their design. The more restrictions a muffler has, the more silent it will be. Car manufacturers in the Philippines produce mufflers with a lot of internal restriction in order to pass certain regulation tests. You’ll barely hear a fully stock car thundering down a road due to the high-restriction muffler they’re equipped with. Because of the dull sound of stock mufflers, many vehicle owners choose to replace these with low restriction mufflers. Mufflers for sale in the Philippines usually have louder exhaust notes but not loud enough to bother those out on the street. These aftermarket exhaust claim to improve your car’s performance by making the release of exhaust gasses smoother.


The Right Fit

There are many exhaust system styles and designs in the market. Finding the right one for your vehicle involves a number of factors. This includes the under-chassis design, piping size in relation to your car’s engine displacement and power, and finally, the type of muffler to be used. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when you’re looking for aftermarket exhaust or if you want to have one fabricated.


Chambered or High-flow

Chambered or High-flow

Two of the most popular muffler designs are the chambered mufflers and high-flow mufflers. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, but nonetheless are great options for aftermarket exhausts.

Chambered mufflers are designed to reduce exhaust sounds, but are still louder than stock mufflers. These provide a throaty exhaust note, ideal for those who want a bit more exhaust music from their cars. Chambered mufflers cancel noise by using a series of inner chambers that reflect sound waves to make the noise in these chambers cancel each other out.

High-flow mufflers are designed to maximize the flow of exhaust gasses by reducing restrictions or having none at all. These types of mufflers usually have a straight design and are wrapped with sound deadening material. High-flow mufflers are significantly noisier and are ideal for racing.


Type of Steel

Your exhaust needs to be able to handle massive amounts of heat and pressure. They should also be able to combat rust and corrosion. Lastly, they should be hard enough to handle road debris and scraping against rough surfaces. Two of the most popular muffler materials used are aluminized steel and stainless steel. The former is a popular option due to its cost and Its ability to combat the effects of oxidation and withstand a huge amount of beating. The latter is more expensive, yet its corrosion resistance, durability, and longevity are way better than aluminized steel.


Key Takeaway

The best-designed mufflers are tailor-made to fit your car’s specifications to make the most out of your engine’s performance. There will never be a one-for-all design for any car. Depending on what you want and what your car needs, you can definitely find a design that will bring out the most for your vehicle and driving pleasure.

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