Off-road Under chassis: Strengthening Your Chassis

How do you strengthen your under chassis for off-road use?

  1. Install a roll cage
  2. Upgrade suspension
  3. Reinforce the differential


When you plan to go off-road and take on the punishing terrain of the Philippines, u-bolts and other components such as your springs need to be reinforced. You can’t simply expect your fully stock vehicle to last when driving on punishing roads. It’s best to install these suggested parts because they can work on rough terrain and the brutal Philippine traffic alike.


Roll Cage

Roll Cage

It’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Even in the most extreme accidents, a roll cage can save your life. When you go off-roading, there may be a chance where your car might roll over. There’s a chance that your vehicle’s body will crumble if it rolls over. If there’s one reliable way to protect you from being crushed from inside your vehicle, it’s installing a roll cage.

When it comes to safety, there’s no better way to protect yourself than to install a roll cage for your off-road vehicle. A roll cage significantly increases your vehicle’s structural integrity. With a stiffer chassis, you’re going to reduce flex resulting in better handling. You could mount a simple 4-point or 5-point roll cage which is commonly called a half-roll cage or drop in a full roll cage which is a 6-point to an 8-point roll cage.


Suspension Parts

Upgrading your suspension component for off-road use means that you’re going to increase your ground clearance in order to fit bigger tires and enjoy better suspension travel. Higher ground clearance means protecting important transmission parts such as your transfer case and propeller by keeping it all off the ground. But not only are you after preventing your underbody components from making contact with the ground, you’re also improving the overall strength and durability of your off-road vehicle.

An aftermarket suspension is by far, more durable than your stock suspension. Aftermarket off-road suspension components are made with thicker, larger, and heavier duty parts. Upgraded suspension is made to withstand the extreme abuse of off-road trails. With better suspension components, your vehicle can easily take on climbing rocks and rough paths. You will also significantly increase your vehicle’s load capacity. Your shocks and springs won’t wear as quickly as your stock suspension would.

Another benefit of getting aftermarket suspension components is that most brands are rebuildable. So if something breaks, you don’t have to replace the whole thing. You could just replace a certain component that causes the problem and your suspension components will be good as new.


Differential Reinforcement

Differential Reinforcement

Your differential is a vital component of your off-road vehicle. A malfunctioning one won’t be able to put out the appropriate power to the ground. This transmission part ensures that you have the right traction, even in the most slippery conditions. An off-road vehicle’s transmission is made to prevent your car from beaching. It’s best to keep your axles and any differentials in top shape and away from any potential harm.

You could protect your differential from rocks and logs by purchasing a reinforcement kit. These will act like armor for your axles. Keeping important parts safe. In the Philippines, u-bolts and other brackets connected to the axles are reinforced as well. This will prevent any of the axles from breaking-off.


Key Takeaway

If you want an off-road vehicle that can take the punishing roads and trails of the country and still go through Philippine traffic, then you should definitely reinforce your vehicle’s under chassis in order to make your car fully capable of being a proper off-roader. There’s nothing that can beat a well-prepared vehicle.