Finding the Perfect Radiator, Made Easy

Not all radiators are made equal

Even with good maintenance of your radiator, it’s undeniable that the time may come when you need to replace it. Whether it gets busted by way of natural disasters or just wear and tear – let’s face it, not all radiators are made equal – some just aren’t made to last. The difficulty now lies in finding the radiators that are. But fret not, because I’ll be making it very easy for you by sharing how to find the radiator brand that you can trust: there are just 3 qualities that you need to look out for when you are choosing the right radiator.


You know you can trust a brand if other users can attest to the brand’s reliability. There’s nothing the like the tried and tested opinion of car owners like yourself, and it certainly beats listening to various manufacturers incessantly tell you that their brand is the best. However, buying a brand-new original radiator can make quite a dent in your wallet (Original, meaning if your car is a Honda and you buy a new Honda radiator). So you go for the next best thing which is to buy a second-hand original. Keep in mind though that when buying anything second-hand, you have to ensure that the item is in good condition. You have to ask questions like how did the previous owner take care of it, was it submerged in flood water, is the radiator having any problem, does it leak, was it fixed completely or was just hastily patched up. These questions can go on and on in a vicious cycle and at the end of the day, you’re still not 100% satisfied.

The solution? The most affordable and reliable path to take in most cases is to buy a brand-new aftermarket brand. In a nutshell, the automotive aftermarket is the secondary market of the industry – manufacturing and selling car parts to people who’ve bought their cars from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as Honda and Toyota; the aftermarket also caters to the OEM themselves. The aftermarket certainly offers brand-new and reliable car parts. Ask friends or read forums to know the best after-market brands out there.


Buying a new radiator at a cheap cost but having to fix it every hundred thousand kilometers or so can be heavy on the pocket and you might even end up spending more in the long run. Your hard- earned cash should go to products that are durable and can last for a long time. A durable radiator can resist decay, not rust out on you, and can last for years. Frankly, reliability and durability go hand-in-hand because after all, you can’t expect to rely on something that will break down after a few years.

Cost- efficiency

Now, this is the tricky part. There are a lot of cheap after-market brands out there, but only a few provide you with value for your money. I personally recommend Evercool radiators because they are subjected to tests for leak, pressure, vibration, impulse and heat exchanger, to name a few. Furthermore, this brand is known not only for its affordability but for its quality as well. Where else can you get OEM-quality, durability and high-cooling efficiency than from the country’s leading radiator brand? I speak like this because I am a firm believer of this product, along with major Asian automobile manufacturers.