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Wrecked! The 3 Worst Car Recalls Ever

Over the years you may have heard of car manufacturers recalling thousands of their vehicles due to defects that they did not notice until the vehicle was released. Maybe there was a problem with the radiator? Or something with the engine? These recalls may not be in the same year that the car was released. In fact, it may even be a decade after. Check out these three recalls over the past few decades.

1983 General Motors 5.4 Million Vehicles Recall

General Motors

Imagine driving along the road when suddenly, the rear axle shaft suddenly disjoins with the wheel. In the late 70s to early 80s, this is precisely what may have happened to millions of vehicles created by car manufacturing giant General Motors.

The company recalled 3.1 million vehicles due to a problem with the axle, specifically the rear axle totally separating away from the wheel of the car. It was reported that out of the 64 automobile accidents caused by the 1978-1989 General Motors car models, 58 were due to vehicles with this effect. Among the models included in the recall list were the Chervolet Malibu, Buick Century Cutlass, Pontiac LaMans, Grand Prix and GMC Catalleno.

1972 Volkswagen 3.7 Million Recall


There you are, in a mad rush to go to work. Your hair is a mess, the kids have been bickering with you and the dog pooped on the carpet again. You thought that the sky will be at least nice and sunny, when you spy dark clouds in the horizon. Oh no! It is going to rain. Confident woman you are, driving off in the rain But wait a minute! The wipers are not working! What is going on? This is a situation thousands faced after Volkswagen manufactured vehicles in 1949-1969 with faulty windshield wipers.

In 1972, the German automobile manufacturer recalled almost four million vehicles constructed from 1949 to 1969 after realizing that these had defective windshield wipers. What happened was that the main part of the wiper would become loose due to a damaged screw, rendering the windshield wiper useless. The wiper would ultimately fall off but fortunately for these car owners, the company did replace the wipers and for sure, this time, they worked.

1996 Ford Motor Company 8.6 million Recall

Ford Motor Company

It looks like a scene out of a movie: you park your car in the shopping mall’s parking space, thinking it is safe there. Then off you go, shopping for groceries or whatever you need. You hear the sound of a siren and peek through the window, seeing the bright red fire engine rushing into the parking lot and towards a… Your car is on fire! This is the situation that was faced by at least 1,100 people in North America in 1996 all because of a defective ignition manufactured by the American automotive manufacturer, Ford Motor Co.

In 1996, Ford Motor Co. was forced to recall 8.6 million automobiles from the 10 million manufactured during 1988-1993, marking the biggest vehicular recall as of press time. Among the list of cars were Tempos, Escorts, Lincoln Town Cars, Crown Victorias, Thunderbirds and nine other different models. The faulty ignition caused a short circuit which can create a fire that will engulf not only the whole vehicle but the garage as well. It initiated lawsuits from families, citing that their burning vehicle had set fire to their house as well, causing them to lose their homes.

If your car manufacturer would request for you to turn in your vehicle due to a defective part, do so. It is, after all, for your own safety and your family’s as well.

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