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Understanding Exhaust Maintenance and Purchasing a Muffler for Sale in the Philippines

What are the main components that hold an exhaust system together?

  1. Hangers
  2. Exhaust Joints
  3. Shields and Damper Weights


In this day and age, exhaust systems are composed of a lot of expensive parts. There is an oxygen sensor, one or multiple catalysts, and perhaps even a 2-stage muffler for sale here in the Philippines. With all the underbody piping that is made with premium metals, and in some cases, dual-wall tubing, the parts that hold everything together and keep things aligned are of the utmost importance.

In fact, many exhaust system failures – a dragging exhaust system resulting in big and hot chunks of metal hanging loose under your car, are typically caused by cracked rubber and failed welds. Failures like these may even require you to completely replace your whole muffler unit altogether. Which is why it goes without saying that these minuscule parts that hold everything together should also be maintained.

Let’s take a look at the most integral parts that all play a vital role in your car’s exhaust system:



Even one broken hanger results in your entire exhaust system moving up and down as you drive. After which, a whiplash motion can then proceed to loosen clamps and crack welded joints. Replacing a broken hanger is actually quite simple if you install an alternative universal hanger.

Simply take a universal hanger that can tilt, twist, and has an adjustable length setup. Attach it to the underbody with a bolt through the hole. Make the connection around the pipe with a simple clamp or U-bolt. Try and make the attachments very close to the area of the original setup. This will maintain system alignment and hang balanced for the entire system.


Exhaust Joints

Exhaust Joints

If a welded joint is cracked at a muffler, you can simply replace the parts or cut off the piping and part of the neck joint, then install a short connector pipe that is secured with clamps. If a clamp joint is not cracked but is leaking exhaust gas, immediately remove the old clamp and you can rent a pipe expander so you can reshape them.


Shields and Damper Weights

Shields and Damper Weights

Heat shields are components that are prone to damage from driving on rough roads. In order to avoid starting a grass fire and other hazards, immediately replace any apparent shields that are barely hanging on or completely missing and check the exhaust system for any trace of damage.

There are some exhaust systems which have vibration dampers included. These are basically attached weights to a pipe. If this damper weight becomes bent or breaks off, the exhaust system will significantly vibrate causing an uncomfortable drive and even damage the welded and clamped joints.

When installing replacement parts, just be sure that you reinstall any of the original vibration-damping counterweights.


Key Takeaway

A muffler essentially functions as your car engine’s exhaust system. When exhaust system damage is incredibly severe, it is definitely time to replace major parts, such as a muffler for sale here in the Philippines.

So when it comes to your car’s exhaust system maintenance, it is of equal importance to ensure that all the holding-components that keep your muffler and overall exhaust system in place and aligned, should be functioning well and without damage.

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