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Mufflers for Sale Philippines: 5 Most Underrated Car Models

Written By: ayam

What are the 5 most underrated car models in the country?

  1. Toyota Celica
  2. Volkswagen Golf R
  3. Pontiac GTO
  4. Hyundai Genesis
  5. Dodge Magnum


There are so many cars that are beloved by many people, especially when it is customized to have a more efficient muffler for sale in the Philippines. However, there are those who did not receive the attention that they deserved. Although car manufacturers in the Philippines and in other countries do not wish for it, they sometimes produce underappreciated cars that many auto enthusiasts overlook. This article will pay homage to those underrated car models in history.


Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica


Source: Wikimedia Commons


The Japanese rookie became Toyota’s entry for a fully-functional sedan during the year 1970 but it has become an underdog for the brand as well. Before the brand-new models from Toyota, it has championed the Celica as their variation of the sports car but unfortunately, it didn’t generate the attention it deserved. Even when Toyota came up with many versions for the model, many people still shunned the high-performance car which is why it deserves a spot in this list of underrated cars.


Volkswagen Golf R

Car enthusiasts slept on the beauty and functionality of the Volkswagen Golf R. Critics have claimed that it looked boring and it is only for immature drivers who don’t know better. But the 300 horsepower engine under its hood has left these detractors frozen in their tracks. While its performance did not translate into sales, the Golf is surely one of those cars that you will wish that you have in your garage. Apparently, the all-wheel driving system and its top speed are simply not enough for car buyers.


Pontiac GTO

The 2004-2005 Pontiac GTO is truly a beaut. However, it is still an underrated car which is an unjustified reception for this vehicle. With the driver’s choice of an LS V8 engine with either 350 or 400 horsepower, a six-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive, and an independent rear suspension, one has to scratch his or her head and wonder why the Pontiac GTO was underappreciated. Sleek and smooth with the right amount of muscle, the GTO deserved better in terms of attention and sales.


Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis


Source: Wikimedia Commons


The Genesis Coupe turns heads with its comfortable style but it is still an underrated car by the standards of car manufacturers in the Philippines and in other countries. Its true dual exhaust will make you think of the high-quality mufflers for sale in the Philippines and powerful torque will surely take you to where you need to be quick. Be that as it may, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe still fell short of enthusiasts’ taste.


Dodge Magnum

Even though it doesn’t make sense that the Dodge Magnum is not received with fanfare by car enthusiasts, this is the harsh reality. The rear-wheel-drive wagon armed with a V8 engine encased in a strong body did not hold a candle up to its competitors which left many passionate car lovers to wonder why this is so.


Key Takeaway

Looking back on the underrated vehicles in the auto industry will allow you to step up your game in choosing high-quality cars. Do not be too relaxed and just settle on the famous trends at the moment, check out underrated cars as well because you can be surprised how convenient and functional they can be.

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