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4 Types of Suspension Springs for Your Vehicle

What are the types of suspension springs?

  1. Coil Springs
  2. Leaf Springs
  3. Rubber Spring
  4. Torsion Spring


Different suspension spring types exist for different vehicles. While each may differ on the advantages and features, they’re all used to provide a smoother drive and comfortable ride for the driver. Aside from this, they also ensure that a vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned and will adjust accordingly depending on the road surface. If you’re planning on replacing your suspension springs, it’s important that you understand the differences between each one.


What Are the Different Types of Suspension Springs?

Common suspension springs come in the form of coil spring, leaf spring, torsion bars/spring, and rubber spring. Made out of durable materials, these suspension springs are designed to offer ample recoil as your vehicle travels on different types of road conditions. Read on to learn more.


Coil Springs

Close-up Shock Absorber and Coil Spring of Car Suspension System

Coil springs are widely used in smaller-sized vehicles such as a sedan, compact car, or a mini-SUV. These components are usually fashioned out of high-grade and high carbon steel — although coil springs can also come with titanium, bronze, or plastic parts.

Since coil springs are designed for smaller vehicles, they won’t be ideal for pickup trucks, ten-wheelers, or SUVs. This is because the coil springs are limited as to the level of shock they are designed to absorb.

These springs may come in different designs, such as soft or stiff springs. They can also be used as custom parts for performance vehicles and off-road cars.


Leaf Springs

Previous reiterations of the leaf spring have been around as far back as the early 1800s, used in horse-drawn carriages or coaches. In a leaf spring component, you’ll find several “leaves” that differ in length. Similar to the coil spring, these leaves are fabricated out of steel, which is longer-lasting and ideal for withstanding high temperatures that may be produced in the undercarriage.

Unlike coil springs, leaf springs can be used in heavier vehicles such as pickups, trailer trucks, vans, or even in heavy equipment. Leaf springs may also come in a multi-leaf or a parabolic leaf system — the more leaves, the less stiff the suspension will be, thereby offering better comfort.


Rubber Spring

Problems with front car suspension

As the name suggests, rubber springs are made out of rubber and coil springs. Aside from improved suspension, they also have a number of benefits, such as vibration damping, axle damping, improved insulation, and lower static friction.

The downside with rubber springs is that they don’t really do much when it comes to lowering the stiffness of the vehicles. For this reason, they are used in combination with the coil spring and can add corrosion protection to the rest of the components.


Torsion Spring

Torsion springs, also known as torsion bars, give the driver freedom to adjust the height of their vehicle, making them perfect for race-tuned cars or off-road vehicles. They are ideal for a driver who may want a more compact version for their suspension.

One disadvantage that a torsion spring has, however, is that it’s not suited for low-height vehicles, as they can easily get damaged by debris. This will in turn increase the wear and tear of the component and shorten the lifespan of nearby suspension parts.


Key Takeaway

Coil springs, leaf springs, rubber springs, and torsion springs — are some of the most common suspension spring types used in different types of vehicles. For smaller and lighter vehicles, coil springs, torsion springs, and rubber springs are ideal. On the other hand, vehicles such as trailer trucks, vans, and SUVs require leaf springs due to the comprehensive suspension protection and comfort it provides.

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