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How to Increase Truck Load Capacity

How Can You Increase Truck Load Capacity?

  1. Replace The Rear Springs
  2. Connect A Trailer
  3. Add A Long Truck Bed
  4. Remove Heavy Cargo


Whether you own a business that uses trucks for transporting cargo or you simply own a truck, knowing how to increase your truck load might be one of your priorities. You want to ensure that your vehicle can still carry heavy cargo while maximizing fuel efficiency and maintaining the safety of the driver. Fortunately, increasing the truckload or payload is certainly possible by making a number of additions and modifications to the truck.


How Can You Increase Truck Load Capacity?

Truck load capacity can be increased by doing the following techniques: replacing the rear springs, connecting a trailer, adding a long truck bed, using lighter wheels, or even replacing the exhaust system. Read on to learn more.


Replace The Rear Springs

A truck’s rear springs or leaf springs allow it to traverse various road conditions in a smooth manner without affecting the body and the comfort of the truck. Since trucks are much heavier than their car components, these leaf springs have a higher requirement when it comes to load capacity. If you find that your truck may not be performing as well on the road as it has in the past, then it’s time to replace the leaf springs.

The load-bearing capacity of a leaf spring is affected by the spring number. If you’re in need of a replacement, Roberts AIPMC has both multi-leaf and parabolic leaf springs that are designed for your vehicle. You can also have custom-built leaf springs created, depending on the make, model, and specifications of the truck.


Connect A Trailer

Colored truck trailers loading

Another option for improved payload is to connect a trailer to your truck. Even if this may not directly increase the payload, it does provide your truck with extra space that can be allocated for heavier items and other storage requirements.

With a trailer, you can expand the truck’s storage space by as much as 200% of your truck’s current capacity. Just make sure that your leaf springs are still in good working condition in order to support the weight of the trailer.


Add A Long Truck Bed

If a trailer might be bulky, then you have the alternative of replacing your truck’s short bed with a longer version. Simply put, with a longer truck bed, you not only have more space to work with at the back of the vehicle, but it also offers convenience when it comes to loading/unloading and hauling large items onto the truck.

Similarly, you have to make sure that the truck can support the attachment. You can browse your vehicle manual for this information or you can also have your truck serviced for a newly-upgraded suspension system for your payload.


Remove Heavy Cargo

Courier standing at truck loaded truck

Albeit, the simplest out of all the tips, removing heavy cargo does wonders for your truck’s performance. Are you carrying unnecessary items in your truck that you just haven’t found the time to remove? This might just be the culprit behind poor vehicle performance.

Make simple changes that can help you generate better weight savings. For example, in shipping goods from one location to another, use lightweight, yet durable packaging. You can also get rid of any heavy OEM-parts with your wheels or exhaust system and replace them with aluminum.


Key Takeaway

Outlined in this short guide are just some of the tips on how to increase truck load capacity. As mentioned before, you want to make sure that your truck is performing optimally on various road surfaces. Making small, yet important changes such as replacing the leaf springs, removing heavy cargo, and adding trailer/bed attachments can already go a long way.

In need of replacement leaf springs for a lighter truck? Roberts AIPMC has the right products to suit your vehicle’s requirements. Check us out here! You may also get in touch with us for more information.

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