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“I Drive…” Fundamental Tips for the First-Time Driver


First-time drivers are always eager to grab the keys, turn on the engine, step on the accelerator, and dominate the steering wheel. They yearn to experience the exhilaration of hearing those metal parts roar as you step on the gas and cruise open roads unhindered by traffic. However, it is also typical for a first-time driver to feel the jitters before getting behind the wheel. Eventually, a driver has to let go of his or her fears. But fearlessness does not equate to stupidity. First-time drivers don’t have to be conquered by jitters if they take note of these essentials before they go off on their first drive.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Preparation is an essential ingredient in smooth driving. You have to familiarize yourself with all the road rules to avoid hurting yourself or anyone else on the road, whether it’s a passenger, a pedestrian, or a fellow driver. It’s standard for a driver to check all the imperative car parts before traveling. It does not have to be a thorough inspection everyday – check the tires, gas level, mirrors, seats, windows, etc. The driver should browse the car’s manual, which should always be kept inside the glove compartment or the compartments on the front doors. Keep a spare tire in the trunk, as well as repair and maintenance tools.

Each car has customized features. For example, modern cars have locks that require the thumbprint of the owner. No driver in his or her right mind will drive a car without knowing the parts!

Know your Traffic Rules and Signs

There are so many traffic rules to memorize before securing a driver’s license. There’s a good reason behind that. Thousands of people die in car accidents simply because some drivers refuse to follow traffic rules religiously. Those traffic rules weren’t just invented for frivolities; they keep the order on the road for the purpose of preventing unwanted accidents. Stop when the traffic light turns red. Do not make a U-turn on the non-U-turn slot. Memorize the One Way Sign, Left and Right Turn Prohibition Signs, Roundabout Sign, etc.

As Much as Possible, Learn to Drive a Manual Transmission Car

You can always opt for an automatic transmission, but it is a common belief that there is an advantage if you learn how to drive a manual vehicle before learning how to drive an automatic one. Manual transmissions require more attention from the driver because hr or she has to listen to the engine before changing gears. It takes a lot of practice to be able to do that. Once you master manual driving, operating an automatic vehicle will not be so difficult.

Never Use Your Phone while Driving

Your favorite TV characters look so cool and suave as they talk on their mobile phones while maneuvering the steering wheel with just one hand. Do not even think of doing this. As a beginner, you have no right to put lives (including yours) in danger by caving in to unnecessary distractions. If you have to respond to a message or a call, pull over before doing so. Playing music is okay, as long as it does not hinder your driving. Even experienced drivers should avoid multitasking while driving. This should be heavily imposed on begin

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