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Roadtrip 101: Songs to Listen to While Travelling

In the Philippines, steel tubes and universal mufflers are some of the vital parts of a vehicle to upgrade the overall performance and appearance of your car. Additionally, it gives you the assurance that you are going to have a safe ride whenever you go on both planned and unplanned road trips.

Going on road trips with your family, barkadas, or loved ones are one of the pleasurable feelings you can experience. But what makes the trip more enjoyable is the songs and tunes that you listen to whenever you hit the road.

Fasten your seat belts, get ready, and enjoy these 10 new songs that we compiled that’ll definitely rock your next road sprees!


“Can’t Stop the Feeling” (Justin Timberlake)

This song will surely make your pockets filled with sunshine and make you jump on your good soles! You can’t really stop the good vibe when this tune comes on your stereo. And hey, don’t forget to sing the chorus with your high-pitched “Justine Timberlake” voice.


“How Far I’ll Go” (Alessia Cara)

The perfect song to your summer getaway! This song can be considered second to “Let It Go” since everybody knows the lyrics by heart. Let this song conquer your road trip and let not this determine how far you’ll go!


“Lush Life” (Zara Larsson)

Another cheerful summer song that will definitely let you live your life to fullest all night and all summer is the Lush Life by Zara Larsson. Listening to this tune will surely make you sing the bridge part: “Yeah! Went low, went high, still waters run dry. Gotta get back in the groove!” along with your wave-like hand gestures.



“That’s What I Like” (Bruno Mars)

For sure, everyone is familiar with this song from the ever brilliant Bruno Mars! The lyrics of the song tells sexy adventures from different countries, making you feel all heated up when this bombards your car stereo! Get ready to have some smooth groovin’ that everybody likes!


“Fun” (Troye Sivan)

Well, this song will awaken the bad girl or boy inside you, in a good way, of course. This song will take you to the bad side in a fun way. Get ready for some rumblin’ while trekking the road!


“Jumpshot” (Dawin)

The simple tune of this song will surely make anyone jump and dance especially on the “boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka, boom” rhythm of the song. Get ready to be instantly energized when you hear this song on your sound system!


“24K Magic” (Bruno Mars)

This song will definitely make everyone ecstatic and unleash their party animal side. Just like what Bruno Mars said in the song, it is literally an invitation to the party. Playing this while on the road will make you doing the signature “24 karat magic in the aiiiiiiiiirrrrrr!” dance move. Just a little warning; this song may be addictive and it can be on replay for several times once you start to listen to it.


“All Night” (The Vamps ft. Matoma)

When you are on a night expedition, this song will exactly give you the feel of “staying up all night, no sleep”. Though this song may indicate the feeling of restlessness, listening to it will actually make you feel alive because of its upbeat melody.


“Final Song” (MØ)

As what the title of the song depicts, this record is all about good stories that are coming to an end. This may be the best hymn you and your friends may play on the car stereo after your memorable adventure.


These are some of the new and fresh songs that will surely pump you up on your next road adventure! Make sure you include them all in your playlist before going on your upcoming drive. With some good music and fun company, what is not to love about road trips?


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