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Road to Valentine’s: 5 Drive-In Theaters to take Your Date to

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Drive-in theaters are the product of an auto-parts salesman’s ingenious spin to what was already being done. In 1933, Richard Hollingshead opened the first drive-in theater, which came from his solution to his mother being too big for cinema seats. Hollingshead sat his mother in his car, put a projector on the hood, and strapped sheets on trees—a simple idea that turned out to be genius.

It wasn’t just Hollingshead’s mother—or his engine, u-bolt, tires, and every car part else—that enjoyed the display. After creating ramps where cars can rise (so everyone can see the screen) a lot of drivers began wheeling in, from which he charged 25 cents each. This man has just put himself in history books.

Drive-in theaters started to appear since, and saw their heyday in the 50’s. Some countries adapted the style, too, but the indoor theater also grew popular; never mind the lack of sky, indoor theaters have a charm in being quiet and comfortable. Still if you want to take your boo to a new kind of date, yep, take her to a drive-in theater and make her experience the magic firsthand. Now without further ado, here are good ones you have to check out:

West Wind (Nevada, California, Arizona)

For a retro western vibe, West Wind is the name to look for. This chain of drive-in theater boasts cheap digital first-runs seen on screens as wide as 96 feet. Its audio is even jacked through Dolby on your car radio which is undoubtedly surround sound at its finest. Let’s not forget the calm feel of being surrounded by palm tree and being transported back in the day for its vintage signage. Plus points for style!

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Mesa Drive-in (Pueblo, Colorado)

If you’re obsessed with making your date go perfectly, Mesa Drive-in has to be the venue. This theater is known for having a concession stand number that people can call so their snacks can be prepared beforehand. You can also preview their upcoming films on their website, saving you the trouble of going there only to be disappointed by the film lineup. This is V-date worthy; just be sure to reserve your spot, as there are plenty of Mr. Planners out there taking their lady out for a viewing under the stars.

Warwick Drive-in (Warwick, New York)

If your lady says she wants to bring her furry best bud, you can’t say no. Hey, Warwick Drive-in isn’t saying no to pets, so why worry about bringing the little fellow? Plus, two films for the price of one is a steal you or anybody can’t resist. Maybe the experience will even inspire you to start your own drive-in theater family business, as Frank Seeber did with Warwick Drive-in.

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Ford-Wyoming Drive-in (Dearborn, Michigan)

Five screens? Now that’s something. How about the 3,000-car capacity? Wow. Ford-Wyoming Drive-in prides itself in being the largest drive-in wherever you go, which means you can pretty much host a party there with all you and your girl’s friends and family. It’s kind of like a wedding reception, but you’re just imagining…just imagining. Of course, if you wish upon the occasional meteor shower over there, maybe the imagination can come true.

Bengies Drive-in (Baltimore, Maryland)

At Bengies, big is best — especially since its big screen is a whopping 6,240 square feet or 52’ x 120’. That’s even bigger than some condos or apartments! Your girl may not appreciate that as much, but maybe she can marvel at the vintage snack bar, which has never been changed since ’56. Won’t it just be sweet to come back here for your anniversaries, and watch the snack bar grow old with you?

These are 5 good theaters to drive into—or shall we say, to fly into. Take your girl now, or you may miss some good pictures. Is 50 Shades of Grey showing already?


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