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The Road After College: Is A Car A Good Graduation Gift?

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One of the things you should consider when your child graduates from college is buying him or her a car as a gift. Aside from it being a generous gesture, a car also helps a lot, especially when you consider how hard commuting in the Metro is. The thought of significantly contributing to the noise and air pollution problem sets this back a bit though, but having an eco-friendly exhaust system which meets both demands for form and function should resolve such an initial setback.

Now that a potential environmental problem is out of the way, here are a few good reasons why it’s time you handed those car keys to that fresh graduate you’re proud of.


As a parent, you want not just the best for your kids, but also the best out of your money. In the same vein, buying a car as a graduation gift could just prove to be both a good investment and a relevantly symbolic gesture for your child. Cars last longer and are more useful than most gifts you can give your children, as it can greatly helptheir working life and give them a newfound sense of freedom in their hands. The It can calso be a gesture can also significantly increase your child’s self-confidence, and give him or her the impression that you trust and believe that he or she could handle and maintain such a responsibility.

However, before you start choosing models, you should also consider the price of the unit, as well as how it will translate and reflect the character of the child whom you’ll be giving it to.

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When it comes to getting around land, cars remain as the best option for anyone. After all, public modes of transportation which may not always be reliable. That alone is already a great benefit your child can get from a car.

Rite of Passage

A milestone is a sense of completion, a mark in the work in progress which is one’s life. It can If that’s the case, then having a car is definitely a milestone to adulthood. After all, your young adult is still adjusting to all the conditions that surround a driver’s lifestyle such as coding days, gas price fluctuations, and road rules – things that definitely not something a child thinks of.

Learning Experience

Getting a car isn’t just about learning how to drive and getting a license; it also involves a lot of other things to learn about the ride and the road. With a car, your graduate will learn how to budget for gas, the usual work-home route that the car would take and for how long, accident prone areas, and possible repairs for future breakdowns, among other things. Also, a car can teach your child the value of self-reliance and resourcefulness when it comes to hard situations such as car problems and road conflicts.

With the acquisition of a car, a fresh graduate transitions into the adult life, making it the catalystthat solidifies the virtue of responsibility and encourages one to learn the various ways into dealing with the struggles of daily life.


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