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The Origins of Motorsport Racing

What are the key events in the origins of Motorsport Racing?

  1. Creation of the first petrol-fueled cars
  2. Town-to-town races in France
  3. Course de Périgueux
  4. Bennett Trophy Races
  5. State of motorsport racing in the present


There is probably no other sport as exhilarating as motorsport racing! The adrenaline and the natural high you get from seeing cars zip around the track is unmatched by any other experience that you can get while watching a sport. It is an opportunity to see cars perform at their maximum capacity and this is all thanks to various car modifications, whether it is a torque boost or upgrading to a muffler for sale Philippines.

If you ever wondered how it all came to be, check out this timeline for the origins of motorsport racing:


Creation of the First Petrol-fueled Cars

Creation of the First Petrol-fueled Cars

You can trace the roots of automobile racing as soon after the invention of gasoline or petrol-fueled internal combustion engines back in the 1880s. The first race was held in 1895 and its distance spanned from Paris to Bordeaux, France and back with a distance of 1,178 kilometers.

Originally, the winner was Émile Levassor but he lost due to technicalities because the race was officially made for four-seater cars. So Paul Koechlin emerged as the victor even if he finished third in his Peugeot since Levassor and the runner-up drove two-seater cars.


Town-to-Town Races in France

Since that fateful day, racing has become a norm in European countries. Enthusiasts continued racing and it is usually done by racing from France to other countries.

It has become so popular that town-to-town races were conducted up until 1903 when authorities stopped the Paris-to-Madrid race at Bordeaux because of the large volume of accidents that have happened because of the sport.


Course de Périgueux

Course de Périgueux

The first ever closed-circuit road race which is called the Course de Périgueux originated from the aforementioned town-to-town racing. It was run in 1898 and had a distance of 145 km for one lap.

The races were governed by the Automobile Club de France (an organization founded in 1895), and it has become even more prominent in Europe except for England, Wales, and Scotland. By 1900, racers started reaching speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour!


Bennett Trophy Races

International racing in the modern sense saw the light of day when James Gordon Bennett, the owner of The New York Herald, offered a trophy to whoever wins in the annual competition by national automobile clubs. The rules are racers have to race with three cars that have been built out of parts made in their respective countries.

The Automobile Club de France organized the first Bennett Trophy races in 1901, 1902, and 1903. However, the unwillingness of French manufacturers to participate in limited cars led to their boycott of the Bennett Trophy race in 1906. This resulted in the French Grand Prix Race at Le Mans being held that year, with the cars being raced by manufacturer’ teams.


State of Motorsport Racing in the Present

State of Motorsport Racing in the Present

The success motorsport racing currently enjoys is all thanks to their humble beginnings, and since then, it has been blossoming as a sport. With races such as the Monte Carlo Rally, Formula One, Daytona 500, Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500, and 24 Hours of Le Mans as the most prestigious races today, the future of motorsport remains bright!

The atmosphere, the tuned-up cars, and the anticipation of who will win the race make enthusiasts keep coming back for more. With its colorful history, speed and determination are the words that you can definitely associate with this event.


Key Takeaway

Motorsport racing can get you caught up with the excitement of it all that you would feel like you want to race to the nearest shops offering mufflers for sale in the Philippines or any other car part upgrade there is, and relive the glory that racers experience. If you are new to this sport and you think that reading about the history of racing is already a fun treat, then you should try watching them or better yet, try and be one of them!

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