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Muffler for Sale Philippines: 4 Reasons Your Car Makes Noise When Accelerating

What are the 4 reasons why your car makes noise when accelerating?

  1. A Worn or Loose Belt
  2. Exhaust Leak
  3. Engine Problems
  4. Dirt in the Car Mechanism


If you are bothered by some of the noise your car makes, it is only normal to think that there is a problem with the mechanism inside. Hearing a noise under the hood prompts you to perform preventive maintenance so you can avoid further damage either to your car’s exhaust system or even the whole car itself.

It’s a good thing that there are many reliable mufflers for sale in the Philippines to help you improve your car’s performance and ultimately get rid of those worrying sounds. Here are 4 reasons why your car makes noise when accelerating!


A Worn or Loose Belt

A Worn or Loose Belt

If you are beginning to hear a squeaking noise from under the hood, then chances are a belt is experiencing minor or severe damage. You might notice this noise when your car begins accelerating or when you are making a turn.

This noise can be attributed to a worn or a loose belt which is caused by it failing to move smoothly along its pulleys. If this happens, have a thorough check-up of your car and repair any worn or loose belts and see if the pulleys that the belt is riding on are moving properly.


Exhaust Leak


This is probably where you’re going to need to scour the market for a proper muffler for sale in the Philippines. Exhaust leaks are one of the main causes of loud noises emitting from a vehicle. Know that your exhaust system is a part of your car that carries hot, hazardous fumes from the engine and releases them as less harmful emissions.

You will know if it becomes a source of noise when an exhaust pipe has a hole in it or cracks that are caused by rust. Hearing a loud rumbling or feeling an excessive vibration throughout the car may be a signal that you should take your vehicle for repairs or get a new exhaust system altogether.


Engine Problems


A knocking sound is a sign of a bad engine problem. If you hear a persistent banging sound from your engine, you are more likely to have damaged engine bearings. As a car owner, you probably know that the engine rests on these bearing and they are vulnerable to wear when you subject them to stress due to driving for long stretches. Clanking or knocking noises will require an overhaul or replacement of these bearings before the engine completely gives out because of this problem.


Dirt in the Car Mechanism

Dirt in the Car Mechanism

One of the problems that can be resolved in a minor fix, having dirt your car mechanism is something that you can do yourself without the aid of a professional. However, even if that is the case, it would be wise to consult a mechanic for a quick tune-up to make sure that this issue doesn’t result in something more significant.

Have your car run smoothly by diagnosing whether it has a dirty air filter, outdated spark plugs, inefficient spark wires, problems in the internal ignition, or a clogged fuel filter. These are the signs that you should save your car from becoming more damaged rather than relieving yourself of the inconvenience of hearing car noises.


Key Takeaway


Getting to the root of the problem is a step in resolving it but if you encounter one of these signs of car noises, then you should know better and take it to a repair shop immediately. Expert engine repairs are the key to getting rid of these noises and to maintain a smooth engine performance. Whatever the make or model of your car, it is important to perform proper maintenance to ensure that no problems hinder your travel experience.

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