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5 Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle’s Suspension System

What are some maintenance tips for your vehicle’s suspension system?

  1. Check all components after an accident
  2. Take advantage of oil changes
  3. Conduct tire rotations on schedule
  4. Inspect your leaf springs for damages
  5. Make sure that u-bolts are tightened


If you use your vehicle daily, it’s easy to take the suspension system for granted. But this component is responsible for giving you a smooth car ride and preventing your truck from steering out of control. If you’re driving over slopes and bumps, this also absorbs the shock for you—making you feel more comfortable over rough roads. Because this complex structure has multiple parts, even choosing the right u-bolt in the Philippines also has a big impact. Keep on reading for suspension system maintenance tips!


Check All Components After an Accident

If you get involved in a vehicular accident, problems with your suspension system might be the cause. After all, if you have malfunctioning brakes or tires, you might have trouble with your steering. Instead of going forward, your car will pull to one side.

Even if this isn’t the case, your accident might have caused damages to your suspension system. Even if your truck looks fine, the shocks could have leaked, which can contribute to more problems.


Take Advantage of Oil Changes

But that doesn’t mean that you should only have your vehicle inspected after collisions. Because your suspension system is made of multiple components big and small, you need to check them from time to time.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of oil changes to ask your mechanic for additional service and inspection. He can check the shocks, look at bushings, and even provide the necessary lubricant for joints.


Conduct Tire Rotations On Schedule

Even if everything seems fine on your suspension system, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to maintain them. For example, during your oil change—which normally occurs after 5,000 miles for most cars—it is recommended to rotate your tires.

This way, the wear is spread evenly across all tire pieces, allowing you to maximize the tread life. Because the traction is consistent, your turning and braking performance is also improved. As a bonus, you can also spot problems in your tires early.


Inspect Your Leaf Springs for Damages

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But while tire problems can be easily spotted, other components of your suspension system can be neglected. For example, a leaf spring is something that most drivers never knew existed until it needs to be replaced. After all, it is responsible for absorbing the weight of your loads while keeping your truck, SUV, or van stable.

Because a leaf spring is made from strips of steel referred to as ‘leaves’, it is prone to rubbing during movement. Dirt particles could also speed up wear and tear, so cleaning should be a routine for you. If you find any fractures and cracks, it has to be replaced immediately.


Make Sure That U-bolts Are Tightened

Aside from the leaf spring itself, the U-bolt also has an important role in your suspension system. After all, it is the component that holds the leaves together and fixes them in place. Once they become slack, you could see the shorter leaves moving sideways. Tightening the u-bolt usually solves this problem.

But if you don’t inspect your u-bolts regularly, they could loosen without you knowing. If it hits against the axle, this could lead to bolt breakage.


Key Takeaway

With these suspension system maintenance tips, you can expect a safe driving experience anytime. After all, you wouldn’t want to feel every bump and pothole when you’re going through rough roads. If problems are neglected, you could get involved in accidents every time you brake, turn a corner, or accelerate!

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