How To Choose A Leafspring For Your Vehicle

How do you choose a leaf spring?

  1. Determine Your Vehicle Load
  2. Choose Whether To Restore Or Upgrade
  3. Look for The Right Type


A leaf spring is a necessary component of a vehicle’s suspension system. It helps manage the weight and prevent the axle from breaking. Without this, you won’t be able to transport heavy loads necessary in construction, farming, shipping, towing and more. The ride will also become rough, unbalanced, with the wheels unaligned. For more information on how to choose a leaf spring, read on!


Determine Your Vehicle Load

Determine Your Vehicle Load

Before you choose a leaf spring, it is a good idea to take note of the constant load your vehicle carries. Do you own a car that is primarily used to commute to work? Or do you regularly transport heavy tools because of your profession or hobby? If so, a stock leaf spring would be the appropriate choice.

Choosing a leaf spring according to the load your vehicle carries is important because the wrong one can damage your car. For example, if you don’t normally carry items that weigh 500 kilograms, but decide to install a leaf spring with that capacity, your car can experience shock damage.

Choose Whether To Restore Or Upgrade

Choose Whether to Restore or Upgrade

Leaving the car running with an affected suspension system can be dangerous. You could have trouble with your wheels, or have the underside of your car scrape the pavement. If you have a broken leaf spring due to wear and tear, the most common choice is to replace it with the same type. Your goal here is to return it to its original state so you may choose a stock leaf spring.

If your leaf springs break too soon, you may be overloading too often. If you want to carry more weight, the recommended option is to upgrade it to a higher capacity leaf spring. This way, you can carry heftier weights.

Look For The Right Type

Choose Whether to Restore or Upgrade

Not all vehicles will require the same type of leaf spring. It is a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and also consult a professional when you decide to replace them. Some of the different types are the single-leaf spring, multi-leaf spring, double-eye leaf spring, and open-eye leaf springs.

If you have lighter loads, the single-leaf may work for you. But for carrying heavier objects, it is usually recommended to go for the multi-leaf spring. It is made of stacked leaves which gives more strength and suspension.

The double-eyed and open-eyed leaf springs differ on the holes on the two ends. The double-eyed leaf spring has one hole on each side. On the other hand, the open-eyed leaf spring has a hole on one side and an opposite side that’s shaped like a hook


Key Takeaway

If you choose the appropriate type for your vehicle, your leaf spring can last for years. But if it gets damaged through normal wear and tear, it is recommended to replace it immediately. If your leaf spring doesn’t last too long, this may be due to overloading. You may want to upgrade it to carry heavier loads.

Neglecting a broken leaf spring for too long can lead to damage to other parts of the suspension system, which will be more costly. Also, driving with a broken component can make a vehicle unbalanced and harder for you to steer. This may lead to accidents that can cause harm to you and other motorists.

Roberts AIPMC is the leading leaf spring manufacturer in the Philippines since 1994. Complying with aftermarket standards in the OEM industry, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s suspension system is in safe hands. If you have any additional questions on how to choose a leaf spring, you may message us here.