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Knowing your Car: 3 Factors that Determine a Faulty Muffler

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Usually identified as an unnecessary accessory, mufflers actually do more than just give off that sexy engine purr. Sometimes referred to as the exhaust box, your vehicle’s muffler aids in limiting the noise and fumes emitted by the engine.

It is important that you take good care of the exhaust system of your vehicle, and this includes providing proper maintenance to the muffler. That it is constantly exposed to fumes and outside oxidation makes it subject to wear and tear, which could eventually lead to internal damages.

So you know what really unnecessary? Surprise trips to the mechanic. Save yourself the trouble by studying the following symptoms of a faulty muffler:


Though the muffler’s mission is to reduce your engine’s noises, it gives out this beastly roar – and we all love a car that hums with sex appeal, right? However, there will come a time when this roar turns to a shattering hiss, which is the first sign that it’s time to take your baby for a check-up.

These loud, rattling noises before or after a smooth muffler hum should be checked by a professional, whether or not it causes the Check Engine Light to go off. If the noise increases in pitch every time you go for a drive, then it’s pretty much a guarantee that your muffler is in dire need of serious repair or immediate replacement.


On top of the muffler’s sound, your car’s overall performance and efficiency is another factor to observe as well. Rough idles, excessive clouds emitted from the tailpipe and a drastic downward slope on its fuel efficiency are sign that your car’s performance has already been affected by your muffler dilemma.

Have it checked and repaired (if necessary) – not dealing with the aforementioned symptoms soon enough will only cost you more than addressing them early on.


Another way that the average car owner can check his muffler is by simply having a look at it. A quick inspection should be enough for you to see signs that indicate damage such as soot, rust, and holes.

Should you find any holes on the muffler, gas leaks and corrosion may be apparent. These need to be urgently remedied as they are toxic and may contaminate the cabin area. Contamination would mean direct consultation from your mechanic.

Out of all the components of the exhaust system, the muffler is the easiest to inspect as it is quite easy to access. Replacements are relatively inexpensive, which is why early diagnosis will save you a lot of time and money since further damages will be prevented.

Not sure of your muffler’s mumbling? Ask away on the comment section below and we’ll surely get back to you! If you have any more questions regarding exhaust system parts and or repairs, please inquire at our homepage. Drive safely!

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