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The Most Iconic Cars in Philippine History

What are some of the most common yet iconic vehicles that have ever graced Filipino streets?

  1. Sakbayan
  2. Sarao
  3. Tamaraw FX
  4. Kia Pride
  5. Lancer Box Type


Cars an integral part of every country –image-wise, especially. Throughout the previous decades in Filipino history, the homes and roads of Metro Manila, as well as the other provinces, have seen many trends in cars come and go.

As the evolution of the automotive vehicle itself made its developments along with the different retail parts of the engine, chassis, and mufflers for sale in the Philippines, there have indeed been quite a few cars that have managed to ingrain themselves in the picturesque zeitgeist of Filipino culture.

Before you and your car buddies head to gawk in amazement at the fine automobiles in the many car shows here in Manila, don’t forget to take a step back and remember the common everyday vehicles that have stamped their way into our nostalgic hearts.

Here is a look at a few of the most unmistakable cars that have shaped the Filipino milieu:



This vehicle is also known as the sakayang bayan and is similar to the country buggy. It was very much used for the Metrocom (a now obsolete term) and during the 60s and 70s, you couldn’t look anywhere without spotting a barrage of these. These were also used quite a lot for cargo purposes.



It wouldn’t be a list of Filipino vehicles without the beloved jeepney itself. The Sarao Jeepney has been such an icon that it is a staple in formative Filipino image as a nation itself. Along with the Philippine flag itself, the Maya bird and the Philippine eagle, the Sarao jeepney has been the most culture-defining means of commuting. Still existing to this day, the distinct image of creativity and colors are a testament to the fare-payment system of pakikisama.

Tamaraw FX


Tamaraw FX

The Tamaraw FX is another vehicle that is a go-to for commuting in the country. Also known as THE Asian utility vehicle, the Tamaraw FX became a relatively safer and more convenient means of commuting around the cities.


Kia Pride

The Kia Pride is the epitome of the Filipino compact car; it is often hailed as the successor of the Volkswagen buggy in its ubiquity. Besides the treasured box type aesthetic that reigned in the late eighties and early nineties, the Kia Pride was actually incredibly spacious and practical for even whole families.

Mitsubishi Box Type


Lancer Box Type

If you were growing up during the yuppie booms of the eighties, you and your family probably had a Mitsubishi Lancer. During this time in Filipino history, you couldn’t step into a parking lot without setting sight to a sea of box type lancers. The GSR was the much-coveted variation of the Mitsubishi Lancer box type.

The preppy look that permeated with the Lancer box type was accentuated with preppy personality with different aftermarket add-ons. You would see an outright indistinguishable line of these Lancer box types outside your local Shakey’s


Key Takeaway

With the many advanced car parts, and performance-boosting mufflers for sale in the Philippines nowadays that shine glorious roars in the different car shows in Manila, one can’t help but look back at the beloved roots of our Filipino nostalgia and take a glance at where the country was and where it is headed.

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