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Father’s Day Bonding Activities for Car Enthusiasts

What are fantastic ideas for you and your gearhead dad this Father’s Day?

  1. Visit an auto show
  2. Take a road trip
  3. Work on a car
  4. Attend a racing event
  5. Practice driving


Father’s Day is one of the most special times of the year. It is during this heartfelt period that we set aside time to celebrate and show appreciation for all that our dads have done for us.

If your dad is a complete car fanatic that loves researching and upgrading his cars with improved engines and mufflers for sale here in the Philippines, there are many great ways that you can make this Father’s Day an extra special one by incorporating his love for automotive vehicles in your itinerary!

Below is a list of awesome ideas that your car-crazed dad is sure to love:

 Car Show

Check Out All the Amazing Cars at an Auto Show

Without a doubt, there so many auto show events that happen around Manila. These killer events are filled with the most beautiful cars that are set-up in the country. But more importantly, regardless of the esoteric auto show theme, there will undeniably always be an eclectic range of awestriking vehicles that will make you and your dad fall head over heels for.

 Road Trip for Father's Day

Take a Special Father’s Day Road Trip

Whether your dad is into cars or not, there’s nothing a father wants more than to spend time with his family and the people closest to him. Plan out a road trip with your dad for Father’s Day and make all the necessary arrangements and plans.

You and your dad can take in some precious moments of bonding time by sitting next to each other on the open road; taking turns driving and exchanging the most intimate of conversations while you share stories and have good laughs. Because nothing says ‘Father’s Day’ quite like paternal camaraderie.


Work Together on a Car at Home

You don’t need to necessarily head out to have an amazing Father’s Day. You and your dad could simply stay at home and work on a car project together. Whether it’s a simple repair or a slick customization, working with a set of tools will definitely make your dad happy and proud.

 Racing for Father's Day

Attend an Exciting Racing Event

There are always many adrenaline-inducing racing events held all year round in Batangas down south or Subic up north. Take your dad to one of these races, and both you are surely going to be cheering amidst the roars of souped-up engines and the thrills of a competitive race.


Practice the Zen and Graceful Art of Driving an Automobile

Our dads have always been there to teach us many of the most fundamental things in like: everything from walking to operating a vehicle. If you are relatively new to getting behind the wheel or feel like your skills could be worked on, a great Father’s Day bonding session would be to let your dad show you some tips and tricks and share all the wisdom he has attained from his many years of great driving.


Key Takeaway

Whether it’s watching a race or upgrading his car with a new muffler for sale here in the Philippines, you can make this Father’s Day surely memorable for you and your auto enthusiast by trying out some of these tips!

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