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Car Care 101: Remembering What the B.L.O.W.F.A.T.C.H. Is


The acronym B.L.O.W.F.A.T.C.H. (It’s actually quite longer!) represents components and conditions of a vehicle that every driver (amateurs and professionals alike) must be aware of other than mufflers, engines, and U-bolts. We know it’s sound like a mouthful, but you best know what it is if you want to drive safely and smoothly. Don’t worry; we’ll keep it as simple as possible. Let’s get started!


To jump-start your car’s engine. Obviously, you can’t drive without it!


Your car has at least two types of belts: the fan belt that enables a fan to keep your vehicle’s radiator cool and the seat belts to ensure yours and your passengers’ safety.



The brakes let you slow down or stop your moving vehicle. You have to take it slow every once in a while, you know!


Your vehicle’s mufflers, tubes, and other metal parts aren’t all-invincible. So you’d better check for holes and cracks every once in a while!


Of course, you can’t go driving without your license. Well, technically you can but you’d be in big trouble once you’re caught!

F 800 Forschungsfahrzeug


This car part guides and directs you while driving at dark and it also helps you communicate with other motorists.


Motor oil acts as a lubricant, providing protection for the moving parts of your car’s engine.


To prevent your ride’s engine from overheating, it must be well-hydrated.



And the wipers sweep both the dirt and water away, leaving you with a better view of the road ahead.


This car part squirts water on your dirty windshield whenever and wherever you want.


Your car contains different types of fluids (brake fluid, clutch fluid, automatic transmission fluid, etc.), each with its corresponding uses. Make sure none of it goes dry or your car will be in trouble.

u-bolt 11


Your car won’t be able to move an inch forward without fuel, either. So keep an ample supply in the tank! Warning: Don’t wait for your tank to reach reserve level before you decide to refill it.


Accessories aren’t really necessities, but it can make your driving more comfortable.


If your car doesn’t have tires, then you have no wheels! So make sure your ride has those air-filled rubber cushions fitted onto it!

u-bolt 12


It’s also important for you to have a set of tools with you anywhere you go, you know, just in case your car suddenly needs medical attention.

Car Documents

These papers indicate your ownership of the vehicle as well as its legality. It usually consists of the Official receipt, car registration and car insurance.


Keep your car physically neat—inside and out! Not only is it a part of good vehicle maintenance, but it also shows somewhat your personality.

u-bolt 10


The electrical device usually found on the steering wheel that produces sound to warn other motorists.


This is a cylindrical tube that serves as a pathway for fluids (gas and liquid), allowing various parts of your engine and other parts to enjoy good circulation and your car to work properly.

One of the things you should do before driving is to check whether or not everything is in good condition and properly functioning. And the best way to do that would be by keeping your car’s B.L.O.W.F.A.T.C.H. in mind!

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