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Car Care 101: Cleaning Your Car’s Carpeting Like a Pro

exhaust system carpet cleaning

Cleaning your car’s carpeting may not seem as important as maintaining your exhaust system, but it actually is. In fact, it should be part of your basic car maintenance checklist. You may not have the flashiest ride out there, but if you do your part in caring for your car, it’s guaranteed to be smooth sailing from there. You don’t need to be a professional to clean and freshen up your carpets. With a bit of extra time and few helpful hints, you’ll be enjoying clean car interiors in no time. Here’s our simple guide on how you can clean your car’s carpeting like a pro.

Get Rid of Clutter

First thing you need to do is deal with the clutter. If you see loose objects scattered around your car, now’s the perfect time to sort them out. Clutter can easily collect in your car, so if you need a bit of help in that department, there are different types of organizers that you can use. Set aside important items like keys, sunglasses and charges in a secure place so that you don’t misplace them.

Remove Floor Mats

Next, start removing all floor mats from your car. Take them out and give each one a good shake. This will dislodge dirt, pieces of trash, and even loose change (if you’re lucky!). While most floor mats can be cleaned with just water and some soap, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly give them a thorough wash. Leave your floor mats out to dry completely before putting them back in your car.

exhaust system vacuum

Vacuum Your Car

Once the floor mats have been removed, it’s time to do some vacuuming. Try reaching under the seats, pedals, and awkward crevices around the car where dirt is likely to get stuck. A vacuum is your best tool against crumbs and trash, so don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage. Vacuum your carpets as thorough as you can so that when you start shampooing, you won’t have a hard time cleaning away the mess.

Shampoo The Carpets

If you’re at a loss with what kind of carpet cleaner to use, don’t fret. There’s a wide selection of carpet cleaning products available on the market today so choose a product that specifically suits your carpet’s needs. Also, don’t forget to use a soft bristled brush to work the shampoo into your carpet. Brush gently, unless you’re trying to get grease stains and stubborn dirt off the carpet. If you’re trying to save money, you can use equal parts liquid laundry detergent and water as your carpet cleaner.

If you wouldn’t live in a dirty house either, then you shouldn’t be driving in a dirty car, so follow those tips we have provided. And if you have any carpet cleaning tips that you would like to share, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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