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Best Travel Movies of All Time

You are at your local automobile shop waiting for your universal muffler to be installed in your car, and then your favorite adventure movie starts rolling on the television inside the store. It gave you the exhilarating sensation while seeing the wonderful locations it featured and it made you want to go and see such places right away.

Travel films are one of the best motivators that make everyone jump on their feet and feel the desire to wander to the places these movies featured. There are a lot of motion pictures that truly awaken our great longing for a journey that will surely linger to us for a very long time. The thought of the stunning landmarks of each country has to offer may somehow overwhelm you, leaving you confounded where to first book your next trip.

We have compiled a list of the best travel movies of all time to help you figure out where your next wanderlust voyage will be.



The Bucket List

The movie is about two dying old men that want to go on an adventure. They created a bucket list of the things that they want to do and places they wish to see before they die. This movie features the most iconic places in the world, starting from Egypt, India, USA, France, China, and Tanzania. It also highlighted the famous Mt. Everest! Now that is definitely something to look for toward to.


The Sound of Music

One of the most classical films ever created in the history of musical films is The Sound of Music. The film was shot in the year of 1964 and it perfectly exhibited the beautiful scenery of Austria and Germany’s cultural heritage.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This movie is all about a guy who is inept in normal things but has an exceptional imagination for things. All throughout this movie, Walter Mitty’s journey through life displays his wildest imagination as his very own version of reality. This motion picture highlighted most of the Iceland and Greenland’s most scenic views.



If you want a movie that shows the stunning places in South America, this is the perfect film for you. Although Pixar made the location a 3D animation, it didn’t hinder them to showcase the magnificent areas of South America.



Setting the location mainly on Europe, this comedy teen film is about an American teenager that traveled to Germany to search for his pen pal. The film featured the best places in the country, which will make the audience choose Europe as their next travel destination.


Midnight in Paris

For all those people who want to experience and wander the picturesque streets of Paris, France, Midnight in Paris is a movie that will definitely awaken your traveling soul to visit the City of Love.


The world is filled with tons of prepossessing and alluring places that one must visit and experience at least once in his or her lifetime. And now that you have an idea to the some amazing and beautiful cities in the world, you can now plan where you want to go on your next adventure. Start packing your things now and feast your eyes to the dozens of cities and countries that will offer picturesque and breathtaking sights.







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