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The Best Cars of 60s Cinema

What are the most essential movie cars of the 1960s?

  1. Mini Cooper
  2. Ford Mustang GT
  3. Volkswagen Beetle
  4. Aston Martin DB5


The automotive world is an exciting arena for professionals, die-hard enthusiasts, and even casual hobbyists here in the Philippines. Mufflers for sale, custom body alterations, vintage car clubs, and everything encompassing car culture have undoubtedly been the product of car history and the touches of certain classic movies.

During the 1960s, the automotive industry was reaching new heights. And the rapid innovations of cinema were beginning to reach almost every single corner of the globe; exposing worldwide audiences to the magic of cars and the capabilities of their performance.

Let’s explore some of the major vehicles from this era that continue to influence the contemporary world of car enthusiasts:

The Italian Job


The Mini Cooper from The Italian Job (1969)

This legendary British caper comedy film starring the legendary Michael Caine is basically about a scheme to rob gold ingots in Italy by having a computer expert cause a traffic jam. In spite of this film being a great achievement of moviemaking in general, it also purports to be quite the grand Mini Cooper commercial. Not to mention having in it one of the most action-packed car chases that excite even today’s audiences!



The Ford Mustang GT from Bullitt (1968)

We’ve mentioned Steve McQueen and the amazing film Bullitt on this site before, but that just makes it a testament to how undeniably iconic this movie is for those looking to get into car culture. The beautiful and talented Jaqueline Bisset, the ‘quiet cool’ machismo of Steve McQueen, the roaring hills of San Francisco along with the powerful Mustang just make the perfect formula for a film that will forever send echoes throughout generations of car fanatics.

 The Love Bug


“Herbie” – The Volkswagen Beetle from The Love Bug (1968)

This Walt Disney production is quite the beloved childhood classic. So much so that there was a remake with Lindsay Lohan released sometime in the early-2000s. The light-hearted comedic stylings of Buddy Hackett give this film a distinct charm that appeals to adults and not just the kiddies. Although the Volkswagen brand name or logo does to appear anywhere in the film, it played a great role in infusing the Beetle’s iconic aesthetic to popular culture.


The Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond Franchise

It was also during the 1960s that the first run of 007 films with Sean Connery took the world by storm. Specifically, it was in 1964’s Goldfinger that this vehicle made its big-screen debut. The charismatic allure of the James Bond films is simply impossible without the inclusion of the Aston Martin DB5 fully-equipped with amazingly kitschy gadgets and gizmos. All the crazy stunt work and car chases would simply be nothing without the devilishly stylish look of cars like the DB5.


Key Takeaway

The 1960s was an inspiring time for both cinema and the automotive industry. Everything from vintage car circulation to custom upgraded mufflers for sale here in the Philippines can directly be traced to the powerful influences of the awestriking pop culture sensations that are the iconic cars listed above.

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