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Back-to-Basics! The Essential Heath Checklist for the Everyday Driver


Drivers know all too well that, just like your exhaust system, you can get exhausted too (pun intended). After all, if machines can get tired, then so can human bodies. If not for the heavy traffic that usually clogs up the roads, driving in our country may just be smooth sailing, and when you say you’re tired, you don’t mean dying. So before setting out to drive every day, you have to make sure that you’re good and ready. Try following this checklist. We have the essentials to get you ready to go.

Check that You Have a Healthy Heart

Whatever you do, wherever you go, having a healthy heart is vital. It’s not because you’re going to pop an artery while driving; it’s just that a healthy heart helps you function properly. That means you can focus on driving, and not cause accidents on the road—and we need more proper drivers.

You Have to be Fully Awake

There is a percentage, not too far from a hundred, of accidents being caused by sleepy drivers who fail to fight their need for sleep, and end up plowing roads, cars, and even humans. The road is no place to sleep; the bed is still the best place to rest. Making sure you get the right amount of sleep everyday helps you keep focus, too, which again means being more able to avoid accidents.

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Have You Eaten?

Eating: it’s a simple act that has a big impact—yes, even in driving. See when you’ve eaten, especially breakfast, you’re more energized to face the day. You can drive wherever, whenever, with your organs functioning properly. This is in consideration with your brain, especially. Notice when you haven’t eaten and your head begins to hurt or you suddenly lose consciousness? That’s because your body’s without enough fuel. Hey, if your car can’t do that, so can you. So eat right, and you’ll drive right.

Do You Feel Well?

If you can’t stand up, then you can’t drive, so you better not get behind the wheel. If you have to do something very urgent, have somebody drive you, or just stay put at home. Driving while sick is the same as driving while drowsy or while tipsy, so the outcome can be the same, too: that’s either you harm somebody, wreck public property, or hurt yourself. You will also be more tired if you drive. Plus, everybody’s going to tell you to go home too, so you better just tuck yourself back to bed and sleep the day away. The next thing you know you’re ready to start the engine again and run for unfinished errands.

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ALWAYS Check the Car

Okay, it’s not actually your body that’s the concern here, but you can’t deny that your car’s health is important too. Your car is a part of you, so either check it yourself or have a seasoned mechanic do it to make extra sure that you’re going to be safe on the road, and also that no lay-by stops will slow you down.

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Are you good? Is the car well? If you said yes twice, then you are ready to take your wheels for a spin—or spins, since you’ll be driving on a regular basis as long as you’re well.


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