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Back-to-Basics! The 7 Fundamental Rules of Defensive Driving

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Defensive driving, as defined by the National Safety Council, is “driving to save lives, time and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” In other words, it’s driving properly and efficiently while being consciously aware of what’s going on inside and outside your vehicle.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t know defensive driving (or maybe they do know how but just don’t want to), preferring to push their ride’s engine and exhaust system to its limits, endangering themselves and others in the process. Don’t be like those blokes! For your own good, we’ve listed below some of the basic rules of defensive driving; better read them before you get in your car.

Pay Attention!

A lot of car-related accidents could’ve been prevented if motorists would just focus while driving. Sure, you can try worming your way out of your trouble by saying that the other guy suddenly came out of nowhere. However, that’s not a good enough excuse for your negligence on the road, unless the guy and his vehicle were actually invisible before collision!

Trust No One!

Drivers are humans just like us, capable of making mistakes and wrong judgments. Relying on them to drive smoothly is tantamount to entrusting them your own and your passengers’ safety, so don’t! While on the road with fellow motorists, it’s best to keep an eye on each other; that way, you can avoid being swept up in any mistake they make.

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You’ll always encounter another vehicle or two along the way while driving, particularly in intersection points. That’s the best time to use your right-of-way, which tells who between you two should pass on first. If, however, the other guy’s really that eager to get on with his journey, you should be the better man and let him go first. Some road incidents happen because those involved refuse to give up their right-of-way.

Don’t Speed!

It’s fun to drive fast, but keep in mind that most roads have speed regulations (this depends by country). Break any of them and you can kiss your driver’s license good-bye. And that’s just for speeding; imagine what they do to those guys who got someone hurt!

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Buckle Up!

While in a moving vehicle, wear your seatbelts—always! That way, you wouldn’t be like a pin ball bouncing everywhere on the off chance that you collide with a reckless driver. This rule applies to the passengers as well, as they can seriously hurt each other during this unpleasant scenario.


Always signal your intentions, whether you’re turning, changing lanes, and so on. Not using signal lights is one of the most annoying pet peeve for many motorists since it somewhat makes these reckless drivers unpredictable.

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Not with your phone, man! Use your signal lights, your hazard lights, your horn, and any other gadgets your car has to communicate your presence and your intentions to other motorists.

There are other rules you should follow regarding defensive driving, but more on that next time. Learn these seven and you won’t cause any trouble the next time you’re out with your sexy hot ride!

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