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6 Vehicle Warning Smells Your Nose Can Recognize


Reputable muffler sellers in the Philippines do their best to ensure that their products are capable of reducing the noise of the vehicle, perform at its best, and do not emit any unusual smell. When you start to smell something off with your car, you’re definitely going to need to look into it. It could be a sign of underlying problems with your vehicle. It is important to be able to recognize what certain odors may mean, and how you can find solution for it. Here are some of the warning signs (or smells) that your nose can recognize.


Burnt Rubber


Smell something burning? Burning rubber smell is a sign that there is a misplaced loose hose or slipping drive belts that cause rubbing across the rotating accessory drive pulleys. The burning odor could also be a result of motor oil leak and electrical problem. Remember not to reach the interior part of the engine compartment if it is hot and have it checked instead by a professional mechanic.


Burning Carpet


The smell of a burning carpet is a sign of brake trouble, which greatly compromises your safety in the road. Before you head out to your destination, make it a habit to check your brakes. Routine brake inspection is essential to safe driving and maintaining the optimal performance of your vehicle.


Hot Oil


The smell of hot oil in your vehicle indicates that there is an oil leakage in your vehicle’s exhaust system. Smoke coming from the engine area and oil on the pavement are additional signs of oil leakage. Make sure to turn the engine off before inspecting if there is leakage in the engine area.




If you notice that there is a distinct smell of gasoline, there is a possibility of gas leakage in some areas of your vehicle, such as in the fuel tank or fuel injector line. Any smell of fuel can mean possible fire hazard, so it is important to seek the help of professionals right away.


Rotten Eggs


The smell of rotten eggs does not only occur in the kitchen, but inside a vehicle as well. In the latter scenario, it is causes by a compound called hydrogen sulfide. This means that there is a problem in your catalytic converter, in that it is not converting the hydrogen sulfide to sulfur dioxide properly, thus producing the strong rotten egg smell. Apart from the failed conversion of hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust, this could also be associated with the poor running of the vehicle’s engine, which causes the catalytic converter to fail and become overloaded.


Sweet Smell of Syrup


Enticing, but unless you’ve brought pancakes with you, could be a sign of danger. The sweet smell of syrup indicates that your car is leaking its engine coolant, the heater core has failed, or another component in your vehicle’s cooling system has been ruined. Remember not to touch or open the radiator cap right away since this makes the radiator cap hot.


If you notice unusual odors such as those mentioned above, don’t just wave it off as a passing problem. It is important to seek the help of an automotive professional and have your vehicle checked out right away.

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