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10 Most Traffic Congested Cities in the World

Traffic is a driver’s worst nightmare. There’s nothing like a jam on the road to ruin their day. Some parts of the globe have it worse than the rest. In this entry, we’ll take a look at 10 places in the world who have the misfortune of having the worst traffic.

10 Places with the most traffic

  • Detroit, Michigan – Dubbed as the “Motor City” for being the car production Mecca of America, this moniker could be the reason for heavy traffic. Maybe a reduction of car manufacturing should ease traffic conditions.
  • San Diego, California – With around 3 million residents, it’s no surprise that this city is on this list.
  • Los Angeles, USA – Drivers in the City Of Angels spend an average of 59 hrs. per year in traffic jams. That’s close to three days – three long, boring days.
  • Paris, France – With a morning traffic peak of 70%, it’s no wonder this cultured city gets a mention here.
  • Milan, Italy – Aside from fashion, Milan is also a center of transportation complete with a railway system. In other words, a lot of people flock here to commute.
  • London, UK  The traffic is in London is so bad, it forced its government to innovate the first urban train system for commuters.
  • Bangkok, Thailand – There are many reasons why Bangkok is so congested, namely tuk-tuks, cars, motorists, and sometimes even elephants.
  • New Delhi, India – Congestion here is so appalling that drivers have to shut off their engine then turn it back on when it’s to move. On the bright side, the people are optimistic that the traffic situation will get better. Hopefully, the starting and stalling doesn’t ruin their radiator. In the event that it does, they can get one from a trusted radiator supplier in the Philippines, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • Beijing, China – Population of over 1 billion: Check. Surge of car imports: Check. It’s these factors that add to the already terrible road congestion in China.
  • Brussels, Belgium – The traffic jams in Brussels only keep getting worse and worse. It’s horrifying really. Commuters spend 85 hours per year, or nearly 4 days, wedged in traffic. Yikes.

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