Tiger Leafsprings

In 1994, carrying the name TIGER Leafsprings, the same German brand that has served Europe for over 120 years, was brought to the country, along with all the equipment and technology. Thus, it became the first in the Philippines to make Parabolic Leafsprings for heavy duty performance.

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Our Leafsprings, guaranteed OEM quality

heavy-duty, and durable Multi-Leaf and Parabolic Springs.

Product Application


  • Trucks (cargoes, tankers, mixers, aluminum vans,etc.)
  • Buses ( public utilities, shuttle and other applications)
  • Utility vehicles ( AUVs, pick ups, delivery vans, mega taxis)

Product Design Option

Tiger is the only brand manufactured in the Philippines that comes in two (2) design options ( Multi leaf spring assembly and parabolic leaf assembly) wherein the decision to use one design over the other depends on the end users' unique operational needs.