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Roberts AIPMC: Your One-Stop Shop For Leaf Springs in the Philippines

As the country’s most reliable automotive parts manufacturer, Roberts AIPMC can offer you with the most durable and high-quality leaf springs in the Philippines.

When choosing your leaf spring supplier, you have to ensure that they possess the capabilities of delivering on their services. You wouldn’t want to be supplied with low-quality leaf springs that would only create further undesirable outcomes for your vehicles. How can you find a reliable international leaf spring supplier in the Philippines? By taking a look at the quality of the products and services they offer.


What Are Leaf Spring Services Provided by Roberts?

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Roberts doesn’t fail on any of our promises. We have a wide array of services that have undergone rigorous quality control processes. These include the production of heavy-duty leaf springs, customer-tailored leaf springs, multi-leaf springs, and parabolic leaf springs.


Production of Heavy-Duty Leaf Springs

Roberts is renowned across the country for supplying virtually any kind of vehicle with heavy-duty leaf springs. In particular, we can manufacture leaf springs that meet Original Equipment Manufacturer standards, both for light and heavy vehicles.

Are you simply a private automobile owner looking to replace your leaf spring in the Philippines? You may inquire with Roberts on the availability of this suspension component for your compact vehicle. Our leaf springs are lightweight and durable, and offer your vehicle the ultimate comfort. Especially when maneuvering in long stretches of roads.

Meanwhile, businesses that require leaf spring replacements for an entire fleet of trucks and vans may avail of heavy-duty leaf springs tailored for larger vehicles. These are capable of sustaining your vehicle for long drives and withstanding the pressure from different kinds of road surfaces.


Customer-Tailored Leaf Springs

As a customer, Roberts can also give you the freedom to determine the specifications of your very own customized leaf spring. Depending on your preference, we can conduct several modification capabilities on the vehicle component tailored to your needs.

We can make several upgrades to the leaves, increase the stability of the center pins, shackles, mounts, and the like. If you’re running a fleet of trucks for industrial uses, Roberts can create leaf spring solutions to keep your vehicle’s leaf spring and suspension system in complete working order.


Multi-Leaf Leaf Springs

If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s stock mono-leaf leaf spring in the Philippines, it would do you well to know that Roberts also manufactures multi-leaf leaf springs.

Simply put, these specialized leaf springs can improve the suspension mechanism of your vehicle. This makes it possible to support greater loads. Aside from this, we can also offer any kind of vehicle with higher spring rates for bumps and subsequently fewer rates for rebounds.


Parabolic Leaf Springs

The parabolic leaf springs from Roberts can also help in improving your vehicle’s overall performance, providing you with more comfort on the road. When you decide to make the change and avail of this product, you can easily take advantage of a leaf spring component with each part capable of carrying equal loads.

Due to the gaps resulting from the parabolic structuring, the level of friction is reduced in each leaf, offering you the ultimate comfort. This is also more lightweight compared to other kinds of leaf springs.


Tiger Super Molye Leaf Spring

Tiger Super Molye Leaf Spring

Having said all that, there is no better brand of leaf springs in the Philippines than Tiger Super Molye. It provides your vehicle with only exceptional suspension performance you wouldn’t have received had you purchased other brands.

With its brand reputation and capacity to give any ride with the most desirable suspension solutions, it doesn’t get any better than Tiger Super Molye.


Choose Roberts To Supply You With Leaf Springs In The Philippines!

Roberts AIPMC has been servicing industrial, commercial, and private needs for vehicle components like leaf springs, U-bolts, steel tubes, and copper radiators in the Philippines.

Our experience in the industry and reputation for delivering top-notch services and manufacturing only components that meet OEM standards makes us a one-stop-shop for leaf springs.

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