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Roberts AIPMC: The Most Trusted International Leaf Spring Supplier in the Philippines

One thing you may take for granted is your vehicle’s suspension system. While there are many complex components and mechanical processes that enable the suspension system to work seamlessly, the leaf spring is one of its most important parts. If you have a non-functioning leaf spring, then you might be looking for a reliable international leaf spring supplier in the Philippines able to service your needs.

Similar to many problems that you might encounter with your vehicle, identifying leaf spring problems can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. One of the simplest ways by which you can identify leaf spring problems is by pushing down on your vehicle’s rear. If the vehicle can be easily pushed, then you should begin looking for the best way to replace your leaf spring.

Leaf springs have been specifically manufactured as a suspension component. It contains different layers of the same material bound together on different ends. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to look too far when it comes to choosing the best international leaf spring supplier in the Philippines. Roberts AIPMC can get the job done for you.


Leaf Springs Products and Services Roberts Offers

Large trucks in a line formation

Roberts offers only the most high-quality products and sought-after services for your vehicle’s suspension system. Whether you’re the private owner of a light vehicle or you’re looking to improve the suspension quality of your fleet of commercial trucks, vans, or trailers, we can provide you with many kinds of solutions.

At Roberts, you can choose from a wide range of products for light and heavy vehicle leaf spring suspension requirements as well as highly-durable parabolic leaf springs. We also provide customized manufacturing for this essential vehicle component.


Wide Range of Products

When considering an international leaf spring supplier in the Philippines, you should choose one that is able to maintain the production of various types of leaf springs.

Quality is a testament to how well the supplier is able to cater to many different kinds of needs. This could mean that many industries have been able to trust manufacturers when it comes to providing world-class leaf springs that both meet and exceed OEM standards. Roberts meets all of these qualifications as we can provide leaf springs that are specifically manufactured for both light and heavy vehicles.


  • Light Vehicle Leaf Springs

The light vehicle leaf springs from Roberts have been tailor-made to create better suspension outcomes for smaller types of vehicles. For example, our leaf springs can be utilized for old sedans, tricycles, AUVs, and the like.

Aside from the mechanical and technical benefits that our leaf springs offer light vehicles, it can also provide anyone with maximum comfort for a smoother drive. Lastly, installing leaf springs from a reliable supplier will allow your car to withstand the effects of potholes, bumps, and other kinds of unstable road surfaces with relative ease.


  • Heavy Vehicle Leaf Springs

If you’re the owner of a fleet of vans and trucks or if you belong to big companies in the Japanese car manufacturing industry, there is no better supplier to trust all your leaf spring requirements with than Roberts. We manufacture high-quality leaf springs for heavy vehicles made with only the highest-grade raw materials, crafted and combined together with technical expertise.

In choosing heavy vehicle leaf springs, you have to ensure that the component can withstand vast distances and long hours of travel on different kinds of road inclinations and surfaces. Roberts can assure you that our leaf spring production is specialized for use on heavy vehicles that carry cumbersome loads.


Parabolic Leaf Springs

As an international leaf spring supplier in the Philippines, it’s no surprise that Roberts can also provide you with different kinds of leaf springs. The parabolic leaf spring has many similarities compared to a conventional leaf spring. However, the difference not only lies in appearance, but in function.

Parabolic leaf springs from Roberts have been assembled in such a way that they contain fewer leaves compared to your typical conventional spring assembly. This makes it more lightweight. At the outset, this provides you with a more cost-efficient outcome that is still able to carry equal loads as that of a conventional one. One other advantage of our parabolic leaf springs is that they’re suitable for long-distance drives. They experience lower levels of wear and tear compared to conventional ones.


Customized Manufacturing

Another service that Roberts offers for leaf springs is customized manufacturing based on preferences. This is especially handy to keep in mind, especially if you belong to a niche industry that is in the business of procuring specialty-made automotive parts.

Simply contact us and we will be able to satisfactorily answer your queries regarding our customized leaf spring manufacturing services. Along with this, you’ll be able to ensure that the resulting product meets automotive standards without sacrificing its function and usability. For example, if you’d want fewer leaves on your leaf spring, then we can make this kind of assessment for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to replace the stock leaf spring on your vehicle, we can provide you with a better and more highly-specialized one.


Why Buy Tiger Super Molye?

Tiger Super Molye from Roberts AIPMC

Now have been introduced to the many reasons why you should turn to Roberts as a reputable international supplier of leaf springs in the Philippines. There’s no better way to get the most for your car’s suspension than by purchasing our Tiger Super Molye leaf springs.

Tiger Super Molye has been one of the country’s well-known manufacturers of leaf springs. Roberts possesses the capacity to replace your old, non-functioning leaf springs with heavy-duty and comfortable components from Tiger Super Molye. Aside from this, our leaf springs can also be utilized for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.



Tiger Super Molye leaf springs are heavy-duty, meaning they can continue to service every suspension need of your vehicle without having to undergo constant replacement. In buying automotive parts, you would most likely choose the ones produced in the highest quality possible. One reason for this is that it allows you to spend less time on maintenance work and more time maximizing the suspension system of your vehicle.

Utilizing these heavy-duty Tiger Molye Leaf Springs is also a way of taking care of your vehicle. Components that have been manufactured to the highest standards can create better mileage for any type of vehicle. Whether you have trucks, vans, trailers, or AUVs just to name a few.



Leaf springs that have undergone the quality production processes of Tiger Super Molye can also provide any ride with maximum comfort. For example, if you’re traveling with your family on a four-hour long drive, comfort is undoubtedly on the top of your list.

If you’re the driver, you’d be the one who’s exerting the most effort in keeping the vehicle running at maintainable speeds to prevent your vehicle from over-usage. When you have Tiger Super Molye leaf springs in the automotive suspension system, you’ll easily be able to feel the difference on the road. Bumps will become manageable and the effects of running over potholes will be minimized to a large extent.

In a professional sense, driving large trucks with poor leaf springs in the suspension system is difficult to achieve. Compounded with the load you’re carrying, a poor leaf spring mechanism will simply subject the truck to greater wear and tear, which can diminish the overall quality of vehicle performance. Luckily for you, Tiger Super Molye can help you avoid possible undesirable situations on any kind of vehicle suspension.


Used for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Another reason why you should look at a credible international leaf spring supplier in the Philippines such as Roberts is that our products can be installed in a variety of industrial or commercial-grade vehicles.

Industries such as the transportation and logistics industry can greatly take advantage of this feature. This is because they are in the business of constantly handling, storing, and transporting heavy objects. Just to give an example, container vans need to be able to transfer varying loads of items. With a dedicated Tiger Super Molye leaf spring, this process will be made more ergonomic and less tedious.


Qualities Which Make Roberts A Good Leaf Spring Supplier

Roberts AIPMC Warehouse

Roberts is your best source of leaf springs in the country. With our company’s innovative production practices, our capacity to meet the demands of international and local industries, as well as our capability to meet OEM standards. You wouldn’t want to look elsewhere for an international leaf spring supplier in the Philippines.


Innovative Production

Our team of technical experts has made it possible for us to continually look for and find ways to make our production mechanisms more innovative. Since the automotive industry is always transforming, we make it a point to avoid being left out in leaf spring production. Our leaf springs pass time-tested standards, but they’ve also been carefully produced using only the most sound piece of technical advice on automotive components.


Catering to Local and International Demands

Roberts can provide leaf spring products to both local and international markets. This is a testament to not only the overall quality of our different products and services, but also the way we can meet needs even outside the country.


Exceeds OEM Standards

Similar to what has been mentioned before, Roberts leaf springs can replace the basic parts in your vehicle’s suspension system with OEM-grade products. As such, we have also been the go-to leaf spring supplier of the most elite and popular Japanese car manufacturers. With a variety of our certifications, there is simply no better choice.


Choose Roberts – The Best International Leaf Spring Supplier in the Philippines!

Roberts AIPMC has been offering high-quality and world-class automotive vehicle components for more than 25 years now. We can provide you with leaf springs, brass & copper radiators, and more! With the different kinds of products and services we have on offer, there is no other convenient way of getting only the best for your vehicle’s needs than choosing Roberts.

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