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Wheel Check: 6 Parts to Check to Ensure Safety


Transportation is an essential part of our lives in this modern era. We just have to consider doing some organized checking or updating of the parts of the transportation we use such as the wheels, engine, until the steel tube. In the Philippines, we Filipinos like to travel a lot. Using public transportation is a great way to save money but can be hassle. We do hope that the maintenance of these transports check each part. For private vehicles, it’s best to keep in mind to check our wheels from time to time to ensure that we go on a safe drive. Read up some tips to take care of your wheels.

Listed below are the wheel parts you have to check from time to time and have it repaired or replaced if necessary:



Valve Stem

The location of the valve stem is a small hole on the wheel which is the commonly known tool where the air is filled. This is where you can ask any gasoline station to have your wheel pumped up with air with the right amount of air volume depending on what kind of car is used.

Bolt Circle

Also known as the Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD), it is the part around the center of lug bolts and is measured by the number of bolts you have and usually has a size of around 4.5 inches, or the bolt pattern of 5 x 4.5 inches. Make sure that all bolts are intact on your wheels.


The plate is the overall body of the wheel connected by the bolt holes. This keeps the wheels together and supports the wheel all around which may also be considered as the foundation.


Spokes are created to tie in the wheel altogether to sustain the resist impacts which is found along the plate and outer edge. Although there are various spokes, it is vital to note the damage resistance and strength so that the impact received by the wheels would not be damaged that easily. Remember that once the spokes become cracked it is going to have a critical damage to your wheels.


Dish that is deeper are better to create a better look for your wheels and receives lesser impact damage to the wheel. It is also considered as the outer part of a 3-piece wheel found beyond the spokes. Take note that once a dish is damage, it must not be repaired but has to be replaced with a new one.


Last but not least is the tire. There should always be enough air inside your tire and be maintained once in a while. All 4 tires should not be worn out but if they are change those as soon as you can. Nobody likes to drive with possible flat tires, right?


Reading this article on hopefully helped you to know more about your car’s wheels for a safe travel. Check everything including your steel tube because here in the Philippines, you have to ensure that your care is in great shape to be prepared for all kinds of situations that may occur. The traffic here kills, so try not to kill your car too by making sure all your car parts are prepared.


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