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4 Common Vehicle Airconditioning Problems

What are the common vehicle airconditioning problems to watch out for?

  1. Expulsion of warm air
  2. Bad odor
  3. Broken cooling fan
  4. Low level of refrigerant


Your vehicle’s A/C unit is one of the most important components of the vehicle. It helps regulate the temperature in your vehicle’s interiors. If you’re going for long drives, a functioning airconditioning unit is essential in helping you keep cool throughout the journey. However, if you don’t always make it a habit to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance, you may end up experiencing some of the most common vehicle airconditioning problems.

While your vehicle will still be able to run with a busted cooling system, it won’t necessarily be comfortable for you, especially on a hot summer day. Having your vehicle regularly inspected by a professional is one preventive maintenance for your cooling unit if you want to avoid this kind of problem. Continue reading to learn more!


Expulsion Of Warm Air

A driver's hand feeling hot air from the aircon

Imagine this kind of situation. You start your vehicle’s engine and back out of your driveway. After waiting a few seconds, you turn on your airconditioning unit. You’re used to it expelling warm air in the beginning. As time passes, however, you notice that the air inside your vehicle isn’t getting any cooler.

This is one of the tell-tale signs of an issue in the vehicle’s cooling system. While there may be multiple causes such as a broken compressor or electrical and wiring problems, it’s worthwhile to have this component examined in a servicing shop. If you don’t trust yourself with self-diagnosing your vehicle’s problem, you might end up spending exorbitant amounts on useless materials. Always consider the opinion of a professional first.


Bad Odor

A car's aircon with a scent freshener

Another airconditioning-related vehicle problem you might experience is a bad odor emanating from the unit. Without practicing the proper cleaning tips for your vehicle, it’s easy to identify that the source of this problem might be the growth of fungi and bacteria in the unit’s air vents. This may be due to the excess moisture left on them.

To fix this problem, make sure your A/C unit’s drain tube is in working order. Ensure that the engine isn’t running and the unit is turned off to avoid potential electrocution. Afterwhich, you’ll need to administer an appropriate amount of antibacterial treatment into the solution contained inside the A/C case. Doing this will assist in water evaporation on the unit’s coils.


Broken Cooling Fan

A mechanic inspecting a broken cooling fan

Similar to a broken compressor, broken cooling fans may also be the reason why hot or warm air is blowing from the unit. Broken cooling fans are inefficient in redirecting the heat away from the refrigerant.

When met with this kind of situation, the only thing you can do is to buy replacement cooling fans for your vehicle. Make sure the cooling fans you purchase are sturdy and also meet the vehicle’s OEM standards.


Low Level of Refrigerant

A mechanic checking a car's air conditioning unit

A low refrigerant level is oftentimes the main cause of why your vehicle is blowing hot air. If you’re able to self-diagnose your vehicle properly and find that the components are in working order, you may want to inspect the refrigerant level.

As always, allowing a professional mechanic to top-up the unit’s refrigerant is the easiest way to resolve this issue. For those who may prefer to do it themselves, they’ll have to purchase other materials needed to recharge the unit.

If you take this course of action, you’ll have to locate the low side port of the unit. It’s a protrusion connected to the larger tube between the vehicle’s compressor and the evaporator. Connect the can of refrigerant you just purchased and then dispense them in accordance with the proper system pressure. Inspect for any minor leaks once completed.


Key Takeaway

Some of the most common vehicle airconditioning problems include a foul odor emanating from the vents, warm air, or a broken cooling fan. When in doubt, always have these problems fixed by an expert. If you know how to self-diagnose your vehicle, on the other hand, make sure you have the necessary materials on hand to make the repairs.

As with any other air conditioning-related problem, the best piece of advice is to regularly have your vehicle maintained at an auto service shop.

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