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Types of Performance Mufflers for Sale in the Philippines

What are the types of mufflers used for performance purposes?

  1. Chambered Mufflers
  2. Turbo or Reverse Flow Mufflers
  3. Straight-Through or Absorption Mufflers
  4. VAREX Mufflers


There is a wide range of mufflers for sale in the Philippines. But what are the main factors that constitute and identify the different types? Performance mufflers definitely add a certain cool look to any vehicle, but in certain ways, they indirectly contribute the increase of a car’s horsepower. The aesthetic properties of the right muffler are definitely evident with the many beautiful rides found in the many car shows in Manila.

A mufflers design essentially eliminates or calibrates the sound waves that a car’s engine generates. Performance mufflers don’t necessarily add ‘power’ to your engine, but they reduce the tendency of engine components wearing out and ultimately maintain more of an engine’s power by improving the exhaust system’s efficiency.

Below is an overview of the different types of mufflers and in what ways they function:


Chambered Mufflers

chambered muffler

Chambered mufflers are often synonymous with vintage muscle cars. Besides the standard rumbling roars of the exhaust, this type of muffler also provides for better fuel economy. Chambered mufflers have a main-flow chamber where the gasses pass through a perforated tube exiting the outlet. And a resonating chamber that is the larger chamber where the sound cancellation takes place. An exact volume of length and air produces a wave that cancels out a distinct frequency of the sound.


Turbo or Reverse Flow Mufflers


Turbo mufflers can be installed to any car. They are usually quieter in sound, with a quicker exhaust release due to the three or fewer chambers. It consists of an S-shaped path, the exhaust gas passes through one end of the muffler and turns 180 degrees to the first end, and finally again towards the exit. However, the increasing backpressure and unnatural flow of exhaust can entail that a straight-through would easily outflow the turbo muffler.


Straight-Through or Absorption Mufflers


This type of muffler consists of just a single perforated tube with almost no restrictions, making it the most optimal for exhaust flow. Absorption mufflers are a synthesis of stainless steel cloth and fiberglass packing which fills in the void found between the muffler canister and perforated tube. The packing is mostly responsible for dissipating and absorbing the sound waves.


VAREX Mufflers


A Varex muffler is the combination of reverse and straight-through mufflers. This is due to the shut valve that redirects exhaust passage away from the main flow and through a smaller exit opening. The stainless-steel wool and fiberglass packing absorb the escaping sound waves. When the valve is opened, this type of muffler is essentially an absorption straight-through muffler that has the capacity to provide utmost maximum flow.


Key Takeaway


It is crucial to put heavy consideration towards how a performance muffler and its particular sound configuration process would fare with your vehicles particular engine. With the different sources of mufflers for sale in the Philippines, making a point to do your own extensive research when selecting the right muffler can definitely make all the difference. And maybe even qualify your car to a car show in Manila!

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