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It’s A Steal…Not! 5 Ways You Can Prevent Carnapping

It hurts when your baby is taken away from you. Imagine all the effort, money, and time you poured, gone in a flash! Indeed, having your beloved car stolen from you is a heartache that seems impossible to recover from, especially if you just got its muffler replaced.

Don’t let this tragedy happen to you! So that it never will, here are a few tips you should remember by heart. With these, you’ll be able to thwart any evildoer’s plans to tear you apart from your beloved…car.


Paying for a Parking Space

As long as you’re creative and skilled enough, you can park almost anywhere. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should, because parking in places that are not secure, especially dark and open areas, can get your car jacked.

If you’re really wary of carnappers, the best place to park would be those that are enclosed and have security personnel guarding the place. While these parking areas are usually paid, it’s much more practical to shell out a few bucks and have peace of mind than to risk your car being stolen, be worried the entire time, or even worse – have it actually taken away.


Securing the Doors and Windows

Who would even commit such a basic mistake? Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, a lot! So before you leave your car and do whatever business you have, make sure that your windshield are rolled up and your car doors are locked. After all, if these criminals can easily bypass locked doors and rolled-up windshields, then open car doors and windshields are basically invitations.


Keeping the Keys

Even if you’re just going to buy a few pieces of candy from a nearby store, you should never, ever leave your car keys inside the vehicle ever, even if the windshields and car doors are closed, even if it’s just for a short while. As what has been previously said, these people can go through locked doors and rolled-up windshields like air. And if they can jack your car without the use of keys, then leaving your car keys would be just like handing it to them.


Locking the Steering Wheel

As an additional safety feature, you should get a steering wheel lock for your car. Placing one on your steering wheel would either deter thieves from stealing your car altogether or stall them enough until you or security personnel arrive.


Being Street Smart

If you know how a particular modus operandi works, then it’s not going to work on you. Therefore, every time you come across a particular news feature or article on traditional and social media about how carnappers go about their business, then you should take note of it.  And to be on the safe side, if you’re not encountering any info on how these gangs operate, you should do your own research. Ask Google and your fellow motorists – it’s going to be a great help.


car thief

There are many other ways to save yourself from the devastating loss of your precious machine, but these tips are a superb start. After all, the welfare of your baby doesn’t rest on our hands, but yours.


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