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Signs of a Failing Chambered Muffler in the Philippines

What are some key signs that signal a broken or malfunctioning muffler?

  1. Engine backfire
  2. Louder exhaust noise
  3. Exhaust pipe condensation


When it comes to chambered mufflers here in the Philippines, there are many aspects that should be put into great consideration when you are considering an upgrade and purchasing a new one. The most important factor is getting the sense that your chambered muffler is no longer performing up to par.

Chambered mufflers usually have a lifespan of about five to seven years. And whether its standard wear and tear or the infliction of damage, when you get clear evidence that there is something wrong with your car’s chambered muffler, it definitely means that it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Below are some of the major occurrences that may be caused by a worn out chambered muffler:

Instances of Backfire from the Engine

Instances of Backfire from the Engine

The amazing engines of today’s world are without a doubt, finely tuned pieces of great machinery, all the components should always work together in order to work both efficiently and effectively. One of the main systems in an engine is the automobile’s exhaust.

This system begins at the exhaust valve chamber located inside the cylinder head, flows towards the exhaust headers, then into the exhaust pipes, then to the catalytic converter, to the muffler, and finally out to the exhaust pipe. If it is the case that any of these areas are damaged, your vehicle’s performance can be impaired via engine misfiring.

Louder Exhaust Noise than Usual

Louder Exhaust Noise than Usual

Loud levels of exhaust noise are typically the result of exhaust leak that usually occurs in the muffler as opposed to the exhaust components that are found near the engine. Inside a chambered muffler is a series of chambers that assist in reducing the vibrations that come through the exhaust which is typically associated with sound.

When a muffler is damaged or has a hole, this leads to the pre-muffled exhaust to leak, which results in an increase of the volume of sound that is coming out of the exhaust system.


Evidence of Condensation from the Exhaust Pipes

When the overall exhaust system along with the muffler is cooled down from the running of the engine, there is moisture in the air that condenses within both the exhaust pipe and chambered muffler. The moisture stays there and gradually damages the exhaust pipe and the exterior shell of the chambered muffler.

Over time and throughout countless warm up and cool down cycles, the exhaust pipe and seams of your muffler tend to rust out, degrade, and begin to leak both the exhaust gases as well as the noise.  Once it is apparent that you have noticed an excessive amount of condensation coming from the exhaust pipe, especially during hotter periods of the day, this may be a clear indicator that your chambered muffler is beginning to break down.


Key Takeaway

A muffler is a crucial component to the overall operation of your car. It is important that you have a keen sense of observation as to the signs that were mentioned above. Because it may just be time to replace with a new chambered muffler here in the Philippines.

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