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Manual Transmission vs. Automatic Transmission: Which Should You Get?


In the Philippines, steel tubes, special fibers, glass, and copper are common items that used by automotive manufacturers in producing high-quality and powerful vehicles. As a (future) car owner, there are plenty of factors that you need to consider as they will greatly affect your overall driving experience.

One of the biggest decisions you make is choosing between the two kinds of transmission—manual and automatic. Manual and automatic transmissions have their respective benefits that will fit various car buyer’s preferences. You most likely already have at least a vague idea of how these two differ, but let’s break them down in simpler terms.



If you want to somehow be more involved in the inner operation of a vehicle, a manual transmission might be the right type for you. With a manual system, the driver is far more engaged in the shifting of gears and changes in speed of the vehicle.


Driving Difference

As mentioned, vehicles with manual transmission allows the driver to have more or less full control of the vehicle. He or she should coordinate between the clutches, gears, and throttle to be able to operate the vehicle to their preference.

Driving Experience

Compared to an automatic vehicle, the manual is more challenging to use since the driver needs to be able to concentrate on various things at the same time, such as keeping the vehicle on track, road hazards, and shifting the gears on time. The driver also must keep both hands and feet engaged.

Car Design

The gear shift in the manual transmission is located on the floor.

Biggest Pro: Better Fuel Efficiency ­

Vehicles that offer manual transmission have better gas mileage – provided that you run it efficiently.



If you would rather have extra concentration on road hazards rather than actually running the car, an automatic transmission may be the better choice for you. It offers simplicity since it is easier to use and does not require manual shifting of the gears.


Driving Difference

Drivers do minimal work in navigating the gears and working a clutch and can focus merely on the road.

Driving Experience

Driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission is definitely easier than its alternative. Since the car does the shifting of gears automatically, it is simpler for drivers to drive in a stop-and-go traffic. It also requires less concentration.

Car Design

The gear shift is located on either steering column or on the floor.

Biggest Pro: Better in Steep Areas

Navigating a steep incline may be challenging, especially for newbie drivers. Using an automatic vehicle would be easier to drive in such type of area since this kind of car enables you to operate your vehicle efficiently and automatically shift the gear for you.


Key Takeaway

These two models of cars have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but they are both popular for completely different reasons. Before making your purchase, it is important to do extensive research to know that kind of vehicle is suitable for you and for your lifestyle.


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