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Top 5 Iconic Cars from Popular Horror Films

What are some iconic cars from popular horror films?

  1. Plymouth Fury from Christine (1983)
  2. Oldsmobile Delta 88 from the Evil Dead franchise
  3. Chevrolet Nova from Death Proof (2007)
  4. Jaguar XK12 from Shaun of the Dead (2004)
  5. Chrysler Newport from Joy Ride (2001)


Cars and universal mufflers are the probably last things that you’re going to think about when Halloween becomes the subject of conversation. These iconic examples from popular horror films beg to differ, however. With their stylish looks and terrifying specs, they held their own ground as the stars of the movies. In the Philippines, steel suppliers see the potential of cars as scene stealers which is probably why there are many car models with kits and bodies to die for. It would be scary if you will fail to give your car an upgrade with a universal muffler, but not as scary as the spooky cars from these horror films.


Keep an eye on these spooky but handsome vehicles for your next Halloween movie night with your family. Without further ado, here are the top five iconic cars from scary Halloween flicks:


Plymouth Fury from Christine (1983)

Everyone dreams about a top-of-the-line muscle like the Plymouth Fury, but those people should probably hope that it is not the same as the one from Stephen King’s Christine. The run-down evil car goes by the name Christine and it made the life of a simple, nerdy teenage boy harder than it is. While the car in the movie is purely evil, it sure does look good. The Plymouth classic is just something that you can just stare at all day, but if you see that its headlights are coming straight at you, then you should probably run!

Oldsmobile Delta 88 from the Evil Dead franchise

Oldsmobile Delta 88 from the Evil Dead franchise



The Evil Dead franchise has influenced a lot of horror fans enough for it to become a cult classic. The Oldsmobile Delta 88 appears throughout the entire franchise as Bruce Campbell prevents attacks from evil spirits and demons. Director Sam Raimi seems to be in love with the Delta because he would use it for many of his movies after Evil Dead. Seeing this baby from Evil Dead will make you think that fighting evil spirits seem cool!


Chevrolet Nova from Death Proof (2007)

Quentin Tarantino delivers a scary new twist to the term, “movie magic”. In this movie, Kurt Russel plays a stuntman who uses the stunt cars as instruments of death for his hapless victims. But a Tarantino movie is not complete without a sweet ride to complement it. It only makes sense that Death Proof features many models of cars that will make any enthusiast drool with envy. Try to spot and count them when you watch this film for Halloween.


Jaguar XK12 from Shaun of the Dead (2004)Jaguar XK12 from Shaun of the Dead (2004)



Zombie movies are typically scary, but Shaun of the Dead uses comedy to take on the genre. In the movie, the Jaguar XK12 earned the appreciation of Ed since it is his childhood dream to drive his best friend’s dad’s car. It is an iconic car that perfectly matches the whirlwind scene, but fair warning: try not to cringe as the creepy zombies hit and claw their way through this classic.


Chrysler Newport from Joy Ride (2001)

With the young Paul Walker behind the wheel of the old-school Chrysler, Joy Ride portrays a harmless prank gone wrong. The Chrysler Newport is notable for its appearance in the 2001 film and its hardtop body designation. You will also see how it provides its very own style and character to an otherwise bloody film.


Key Takeaway

The next time you visit your steel supplier from the Philippines, you can use these top iconic cars from popular horror films as inspirations for a car restoration project or for a body overhaul. It would be great if you would watch the films first before you do because this will give you a nostalgic feeling from the style of the car you are going to choose. Drive safe this Halloween!

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