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Death by Driving: The 5 Worst Consequences for the Intoxicated Driver

Don't Drink & Drive

You’ve heard it a million times before, but we’ll say it again: Do Not Drink and Drive. It’s always been a bad idea and it always will be. There is no excuse for it and it cannot be defended under any circumstances. Intoxicated driving can ruin your car’s steel tubes, hurt your fellow motorists, or put your life to an end. The possible consequences for the intoxicated driver are endless really, but we’ve managed to summarize everything to five general points:

Drunk Driving

You could Damage your Ride

Drunk drivers don’t have the right presence of mind while on the road, and statistics say that it is likely that they’ll end up crashing their ride. And if they do, there will be a hell of a price to pay. Costs for repairing vehicle damages are at an all-time high these days, and we haven’t even considered the vital parts that you might need replace! Imagine having to spend all that money just because you wanted to channel your inner Dominic Toretto after a trip to the bar.

You could Get yourself Hurt

And that’s assuming you survived the alleged accident. Sure, you could get off with minor injuries; some guys are even lucky enough walk away from wreckages with just a couple of scratches! However, these miracles only happen once in a blue moon, so don’t you dare push it, buddy! ‘Cause if you do, you’ll also have that hospital bill in your plate alongside the one for your damaged car.

Intoxicated Driving

You could Hurt Others

The world would be a much better place if responsible drivers and innocent pedestrians were immune to reckless, intoxicated driving. This is sadly not the case as thousands and thousands have suffered and perished just because some guy just had a little too much to drink. Harming yourself because of intoxicated driving is unfortunate. But harming other people? Almost unforgivable.

You could Permanently Lose your License

If you manage to survive your ordeal, you’re gonna have to face the law. Make no mistake; they’ll take away your driving privileges—all of it! Your driver’s license will be revoked and you won’t be able to get a new one ever again. You’ll also lose that sweet sexy ride that you spent your savings on. That means you’ll be riding public transportation for the rest of your days – all because of alcohol!

Intoxicated Driver

You could End Up in Jail

In case you end up doing some serious damage to people and property, you could get a punishment worse than just losing your license and car. That’s right buddy, you’ll go to jail, but not before paying for all the damages as well as the fines the authorities would sanction. And if you’re thinking of fighting it out on court, then know this: the judge and jury don’t take too kindly to drunk drivers.

And the list goes on! In any case, drunk driving is frowned upon by most people and is considered a serious and punishable crime. So don’t try it, no matter what!

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