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How to Diagnose a Clogged Muffler

A car’s muffler or exhaust pipe is responsible for its smooth and bearable sound. The best mufflers are library quiet, canceling out as much noise as possible. But like most equipment, mufflers also suffer from wear and tear and congestions inside the pipe.

In most cases, it’s hard to detect blockages in the tailpipe because it’s not really considered an important part of an automobile. But consider this: you’d hear the infernal racket of the engine instead of the calm hum of the engine without the muffler.

Like any other car part, the tailpipe needs much care, too. If there are any jams in the device, it will affect the overall performance of the vehicle. Here are some tips you can use to know clogged muffler symptoms.

Tip #1: Sound

When you rev the engine or accelerate, you’ll notice the sound is quite different from before. The engine and tailpipe will sound irritated or strained. In simple terms, it’s like having a phlegm-y cough. Air is not as passable from the lungs and throat. Therefore, there is difficulty breathing because of the mucus in the respiratory system. As mentioned earlier, there is a possibility that a foreign body (small animals like a mouse or rat or parts of the catalytic converter) is stuck in the pipe.

Tip #2: Performance

Accompanied by the sound, the overall function of the car is also affected by the internal blockage. Drivers will notice a distinct decrease in the car’s accelerative power when on the road. The term for this is called “sluggish”. This happens because the engine is not able to exert the proper amount of energy due to the foreign body/ies stuck inside the muffler. It’s like the human body being unable to force out fecal matter. When stuck in the body, the “unexpelled” waste becomes a deadly poison that negatively influences bodily functions as a whole.

Tip #3: Smoke Color

Because the exhaust is unable to pass clearly through the tailpipe, dirt builds up inside. When pushed out through acceleration, the smoke released will be black in color, caused by the dirt build-up inside the pipe.

We hope these tips were helpful when you finally decide to examine your car’s muffler. Once you’ve detected either one of the signs of a clogged tailpipe, take your car to the nearest repair shop to have the object/s inside removed or have it replaced with an entirely new model. Happy Driving!

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