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7 Ultimate Sing-Along Songs for Your Barkada’s Road Trip

Road Trip

You dearly love music, your barkada, and especially road trips—but don’t admit that you love the adventure more than your friends. You’ll be dead before the next U-turn! So what better way to celebrate your love for the two than to have a super, duper, mega, awesome, ultra, cool, bongga, bonanza road trip somewhere down the road?

Give the old u-bolt a changing, and the gas, oil, and water a filling up. Go get your friends some chips, and get them in their comfy road trip attires, because you’re all going. Oh, and don’t forget to sharpen those vocal chords; you wouldn’t want to go screeching like a hungry piglet, would you? Unless of course that’s your style. If so, then by all means, own it!

No sing-along playlist would be complete without these seven catchy tunes, so be sure to go straight to iTunes once your reach the end of the list!

“Don’t Stop Me Now” (Queen)

Granted, it’s speaking about what you feel: that you’re up to have a good time. But that’s not all the song expresses. It’s telling the world that you’re an awesome living being who has the best taste in music. And for your friends to sing this with you means that you’re the most rockin’ barkada to watch out for, and even to join!

With this song in your road trip sing-along, nothing will dare stop you—especially since you’re travellin’ at the speed of light, Mr. Fahrenheit.

“Danza Kuduro” (Don Omar)

You loved this one when it first came out, especially when it played at the end of “Fast and Furious 6”… Yeah, now you remember.

You don’t even know the lyrics, but it’s fun to make up the words all the way—both the song and the highway. Don’t you agree? The song’s fun beat also allows for a good air drum exercise for you and the guys!

 “Ironic” (Alanis Morisette)

Right? Right?

This is a song good for any road trip day, really. It’s good for a rainy day, your wedding day, or just when your friends want a free ride. It’s a good advice, so take it! You’ll later realize that it figures.

But whatever the occasion, you know that your ultimate motive for singing this song is that you can play as Alanis Morisettes going wild in your car. And come on, they don’t care if you can’t sing, Mr. Play It Safe. Don’t be afraid to fly!

“Highway to Hell” (AC/DC)

Since you’re not yet over the feeling that you own the road, you have another song that expresses what your sudden rockin’ bad boy persona feels. Sing this with such intensity that your minions on the passenger seats, those who’ve been subdued by your magic, would have no choice but to sing along. Get ready to paint towns red.

“Royals” Lorde

Many of us adore Lorde. Some share her ideals while everyone dreams to share her voice. Your barkada agrees, especially since you’re the royals of the world today. You’re just really being humble by chanting Lorde’s words. Am I Right? Because that Cadillac surely didn’t come from your dream!

“Walking in a Dream” (Empire of the Sun)

Since you’re always running for the thrill of it, Empire of the Sun’s electric tune is one of your road trip anthems. It has to be, or you don’t know music as much as we earlier reckoned.

Plus, come on, doesn’t this trip just seem surreal? As if you’re walking in a dream and you have to wake up? Well, you have to wake up, not just because you’re driving, but because you have to get in on the singing!

“A Thousand Miles” (Vanessa Carlton)

Bring on the feels!

This may be the ultimate road trip song, because it feels like you’ve gone a thousand miles in your road trip, when it has only been a few kilometers. And you even wish that time would pass you by. It’s just too fun to end. And it may not even be the original version you’re singing, because most of the time, it’s the White Chicks version that the barkada has in mind.

Go and feel the thrill of your super awesome barkada road trip, especially with the added spice of these songs. Don’t forget to be safe though; take care of your passengers—and your troat!

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