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7 Driving Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)



Each part of your vehicle is important and plays a vital role, may it be aluminum, copper, special fibers, or steel tubes. In the Philippines, some drivers have different bad driving habits, such as over speeding or beating the red light that worsen more the traffic in the metro. On the other hand, there are also driving mistakes that can directly affect the safety of the driver. Here’s a list of the common driving mistakes one commit and how to deal with them.


Improper Seating Position

Your seating position can affect and compromise how you control your vehicle. Since vehicles do not fit all sizes, the seat, headrest, and mirrors are adjustable to your preferences. Despite this, some drivers still sit too far from the steering wheel and are barely able to touch the brake or gas. Others sit too close and hug the steering wheel, making it difficult to control.

What to do: Leave at least eight to ten inches between your chest and the steering wheel so that the airbag can inflate properly in case of emergency. The seat belt should cross over the middle of your shoulders and chest. Your head should also be level with the headrest so you can be comfortable while driving. Keep your two hands on the steering wheel (at ten and two o’clock).



Applying Too Much Pressure on the Brake Pads and Gas

Bad drivers include those who love to drive fast and exceed the speed limits. They enjoy being told to ‘step on it!’ and places too much pressure on the gas and, consequently, on the brakes.

What to do: Just don’t. You’re not a racecar driver, and even if you are, you’re not on the race track. Maintain a steady speed to avoid accidents and increase your gas mileage as well.


Leaving your High Beams On

Leaving your high beams on is extremely dangerous. Not only will it annoy incoming drivers and those in front of you, it could also distract and temporarily blind them.

What to do: Given that high beams are essential, especially when driving during the night or on roads without street lights, it’s not a matter of avoiding using it at all costs. High beams can improve your visibility, especially during inclement weather conditions such as rain and fog. Just always remember to turn it off when it’s not needed.


Not Paying Attention

Mobile phones are the number one distraction while driving, even if you are using a headset while giving or receiving a call. This is why several apps have pop-up reminders not to use the app while driving.

What to do: Avoid mobile phones and other distraction while driving. Your hands and eyes should be focus on the road.


Not Using the Mirror Properly

Mirrors that are not adjusted properly can lead to an accident. Not using the mirrors at all will definitely lead to an accident.

What to do: The moment you enter your car, check if the mirrors are in the right positions. Remember to check your mirrors when turning, backing up, and changing your speed.


Not Using the Turn Signal

The turn signal is an essential safety feature of your vehicle. It’s boggles the mind how some drivers still manage to forgo using it.

What to do: Make sure to turn on your turn signal when you are making a move, whether you are changing lanes or turning in a corner of a street.


Stopping Without Warning

Coming to an immediate stop is one of the biggest mistakes a driver can make. As with the other points, this is bound to cause an accident.

What to do: Slow down to a stop and always be conscious to the cars behind you.


Absolutely no one has a valid excuse to continue any of these bad habits. Be a smart driver and stay safe while on the road. It’s a favor not only to other drivers on the road, but also to you, your family, and your passengers.


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