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Be Careful! 5 Causes of Road Accidents You Should Avoid

Nobody likes getting involved in car accidents. Not only would you be held accountable for your actions in case you got somebody hurt, but you’ll also have to face with loads of complicated paperwork as well as pay for the damages done on yours and other other’s vehicle, mufflers and all.


Thus, it’s of utmost importance to avoid accidents as often as possible. Now vehicular accidents have many causes, but none of them are as popular as the five listed below.


Mobile Phones

texting while driving

Twenty years ago, cellphone usage wouldn’t even be included in this list, perhaps because pagers were trendier back then. Today, though, the cellular phone has become an essential part of every person’s life. Sadly, it’s also one of the top causes of vehicular accidents now-a-days, mainly due to the motorists being unable to get their hands and eyes off their gadgets and focus on the road. So to avoid cellphone-related accidents, don’t use your device while behind the wheel. If someone’s calling you and it’s really urgent, simply park your vehicle to the side and turn on your hazard lights before answering it.




On the nightly broadcast, there’d always be news about a vehicular mishap caused by a drunk driver. In fact, it is the top cause of vehicular accidents in the Philippines and many other countries. Sometimes these motorists are completely unaware of how intoxicated they are, not even realizing they’re already swerving until it’s too late. Don’t act like these guys! Be a responsible driver and stay sober while on the road. Call a cab if you think you’re too drunk to drive.




It’s highly tempting to put the pedal to the metal when you see a wide, empty road in front of you. And hey, admit it; sometimes you do it and enjoy that need for speed. Here’s the problem, though: most of the speeding going on the road isn’t happening on long stretches of vacant road but on the main thoroughfare. This, unfortunately, leads to accidents which can leave a few people injured and perhaps some lost lives. Yes, you may be in a hurry but do try to stay within the speed limit of the road you are on. Be a responsible driver and follow safety rules. Don’t overspeed!



Exhausted driver yawning and driving  car

After a long day at work or at school, you might feel so tired that all you want is to collapse into your bed. Unfortunately, you still have that long drive home. Oh man! Now you not only have to force yourself awake, but you also have to try to be mentally alert on the road. Please be careful as fatigued driver is among the top causes of car accidents. Signs of fatigue include difficulty to keep your eyes open, frequent yawning, having a hard time concentrating, and slower reaction time. This puts you in danger of falling asleep while behind the wheel, which could possibly lead to a fatal car accident. So if you’re not well enough to drive, then better not. Call a cab instead, or else park somewhere safe, turn on your hazard lights, and take a few minutes nap before driving on. If you have a companion who knows how to drive with you, let him or her take your place while you snooze.


Car Problems

car trouble

If you’re the type of person who likes to skip the yearly maintenance and regular tune ups, then do us a favor and stop this bad habit. Having your car checked out by your mechanic regularly can save your life as they’ll be able to detect any problems. These mechanical problems can endanger your life as they can cause road accidents. What if you badly need to brake to avoid that incoming car and you cannot because you did not have your brake pads changed? Do not let it lead to this and have your car checked as regularly as you can.


Avoid car accidents by avoiding its causes, particularly the five mentioned above. Follow traffic rules and drive carefully. That way, not only will you have a safe travel, but you’ll also get to enjoy your time on the road.


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