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5 Awesome Vacation Spots to Drive to this Holiday Season

Holiday Road Trip

Living in the Philippines is a love and hate relationship for every single one of us. We most certainly love our motherland, but there are just so many things about it that are rather unpleasant, to say the least. The ridiculously heavy traffic jams that we encounter on an everyday basis is but one example.

Sometimes, with all the dirt, noise and carbon pollution being puffed out by thousands of exhaust systems stuck together at the still-under-construction roads leading to NAIA, we forget the countless beautiful vacation spots that are available not too far away. Since the Holiday Season is dangerously near, let’s remove ourselves from the confinement of Manila’s troubles. It’s time to forget about your worries about work and check out these awesome vacation spots you can drive to this holiday season. You know you need it – we all do.

Tagaytay Taal Lakeview

Tagaytay Taal Lakeview

One of the best things about Tagaytay is its accessibility; pretty much anyone from Manila can come here any day of the week, if so they desired. Of course, most of us have priorities to attend to such as work or school. These facts of life, as fulfilling as they can be, can turn us into a zombie. If you can relate, then a road trip to Tagaytay Taal Lakeview will forever be one of the best vacation spots within driving range that will sure cool the boiling blood in your veins.

Now, there aren’t too much outdoor-ish activities to do in this cozy little spot of land, but quite frankly, you wouldn’t be going to Tagaytay for that kind of stuff. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants where you can grab a chair close the edge of Taal Lake whilst taking a sip from your sub-zero beer or hot coffee, enjoying the nearby view of the beautiful volcano.

Considering that the annual year-end Holiday Season is just around the corner, you wouldn’t want to greet 2015 with a grumpy face! No, you’d want to end the year awesome with your favorite drink in one hand and your phone in the other as you take a selfie with the Taal Volcano in the background.

La Union

La Union

If you’re the type of person who likes to hit the waves every chance you get, then La Union is going to be awesome for you. As one of the surfing capitals within the country, La Union has developed a thriving community of professional and amateur surfers. When you get there though, it’s going to be less about who can ride the waves best and more about just being there and doing things that will last produce good memories and smartphone pictures.

A quick warning though: don’t be one of those who refuse to even try getting on a surfboard because this kind of attitude is frowned upon by locals and enthusiasts alike. Besides, why go there at all if you’re just gonna be there to be a total kill joy? Now start your car and activate that speaking app on your phone that tells you when to turn left and right as you head on to La Union this coming Holiday Season.

Subic Bay

Subic Bay, Olongapo

Are you a driving fanatic in search of a vacation spot that will quench your thirst for tarmac and a good time? If yes, then we have five letters for you: SCTEX.

Short for Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, SCTEX is a 94 kilometer stretch of asphalt (mostly) that leads to Subic Bay. It’s pretty much a straight drive all the way as the curves are minor and very few. The journey alone already sounds fun, but it doesn’t end there. Once you arrive Subic Bay, there are many places of accommodation to choose from for the duration of your vacation. From there, you can start exploring the rest of the place for whatever will make your holiday season extra fruitful.

Taal Park

Lipa to Taal Church Hop

If you are in search for an adventure that is more on the educational-historical-cultural side, then you’d definitely want to try out church hopping! The Philippines, Batangas in particular, has a very rich history in religion and culture which makes for a good driving activity this coming Christmas. The road from Lipa to Taal’s heritage town is lined with some of the grandest churches from all over the country.

Anilao Scuba Diving

Anilao, Batangas

There are those who enjoy driving while others who prefer diving. But for a select few, it’s both! If you’re planning to make this holiday season a special one, a trip to Anilao is something you should seriously consider. Since Batangas isn’t that far from Manila, taking the there-hour drive going there should be more fun for you than troublesome.

Once you get to Anilao, you may either take time to participate in a diver’s beginner course, which usually completes within one day. This is recommended for anyone that isn’t an experienced diver. Of course, if diving is already your thing then you can skip the lessons and go straight down into the world where some of the most amazing marine life thrive. This, my friend, is the most concrete example of what an amazing vacation spot is.

Although none of the above places are as popular as Boracay, there is a lot of beauty that can be discovered and rediscovered. Don’t forget that each one of these is within driving range, so as long as you’ve got your license renewed, you spark plugs changed, and your mindset intact, you can visit each and every one of these five awesome vacation spots and experience the best road trip of your life.

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